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Upper Lip Quivering


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recently my upper lip has been quivering and shivering, and getting needles in the upper lip too, it is just shaking by itself but it just stops on its own too, i get needles in my hands and feet too when the blood flow changes after eating, could this lip quivering be because of lack of blood going to lip? anyone have ideas what could be causing this? and anyone get this? any input would be appreciated, thanks


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I get weird facial tremors all the time. Sometimes it seems related to too much caffeine and stress. It is really bizarre because it always feel so visible but rarely can other people see the tremors.


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I don't think I've had the quivering, but I do get pins and needles in my upper lip when I'm feeling especially potsy. It tends to go along with flashes of pins and needles on my upper arms and thighs, and with feeling like I'm blacking out repeatedly for just a fraction of a second. For me, it usually means I've been going too hard and it's time for a break.


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I to get lips and eyes that are quivering and it can get quite extreme at times.

I didn't know this was noticeable until it was caught on tape :angry: you can see my top lip sort of jumping and twitching even when I'm just sitting resting , its rather strange to watch , and not very nice as I look ' rather strange :) '

Never mind I am strange of a sort , and it matches the wooden leg , humped back , glass eye, staggering walk and parrot glued to my shoulder ........ ooooops me teeth have just fallen out :angry: ( just kidding of course)

Willows. ( slap my legs today someone )

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