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Good News And Not So Good News!


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hey all..

i posted a while back i think about me possibly getting an aide to help me.. well i met with the coordinator today... and i qualif for an aide!!!!! thank god!!.. Hopefully once they get thru all the paperwork and stuff..an aide should be able to start in afew weeks.. and iget 20 hours of services... she put in my service plan for me to get assistance with grocery shopping and errands.. so the aide can go for me.. which is great..and will be able to help with quite abit actually.. which i'm so so very greatful for!

I'm having such a hard time keeping up with my apartment... and forget laundry.. she asked me today how often i'm able to do laundry.. I'm like well.. i get 1 or 2 good afternoons or evenings a month and those are the days i do laundry... she was like wow really.. yeah really.. (that sounds bad.. i'm really not a skuzz ball!! just VERY VERY potsy..) lol..

SO i was soo greatful...

bad news.. this afternoon.. i was walking from the car to the back door.. and i blacked out in the yard.. and as i fell.. my foot bent the opposit direction that it is suppose to go!!!.. it was a real quick black out.. so i know it was a BP thing going on witht hat faint.. but holy CRUDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! my ankle hurts prety bad.. i sprained it or something...i can hobble on it.. but it hurt to walks.. but i still can.. so i know its not broken.... but it certainly does hurt.. i guess i was due for a foot related fall sooner or later.... I used to fall and faint walking and down the stairs ALLL the time.. cant tell you how many times i badl sprained ankles and knee's and stuff..

good day with getting an aide.. but bad evening with fainting and my foot!!!!.. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

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Hi Linda,

Glad to hear that you got an aide..That's awesome. So do you get 20 hour a week or per day??? Which ever it is its awesome your finally getting some help with your errands. The foot thing stinks. Have you put some ice on it??


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hey there jacquie

it is 20 hours per week.. to help with housework and stuff like that..

my foot is screaming at me.. im waiting for the ice pack to refreeze.. to ice it up again..

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Hey Linda!

Yeah about the long-awaited aide help.

(Sorry I never got back to your PMs. They were soooo appreciated. I am soooo behind. BTW, I think b/c I live with my mom we cannot get help. But, that is okay. I am just incredibly grateful that you can get the help you need and still be in your own apt.). It's kind of a catch22 b/c if you live on your own and have no others in the house with income, you can get help. But, if you live at home with a family member, their income counts, so you cannot get help. The don't set up the system so that you can 'succeed', but hey, that's a whole nother rant! I really have nothing to complain about--I'm very fortunate.

Okay, so the ankle is another story! Girl, just b/c you can hobble on it doesn't mean it's not broken! Will you think about getting it xrayed? Or going to the doc so you can get a good brace to wear for it to heal better!? Please???? (Jewish gene kicking in here). Keep the ice going though! :) Or a bag of frozen peas or anything to keep the swelling down. Do consider going to the doc though. I broke my ankle and walked on it too! And, even with a sprain, it would help to have a good brace or at least ace bandage. Okay, done with lecture!

I hope so much that the aide will improve your quality of life and the stress of trying to keep up with tasks of daily living.


P.S. BTW, I have been meaning to email you this, and if I don't just type it out now, I'll keep forgetting. I'm so brain dead these days.

I bought the baby blanket you crocheted from the auction. It was incredibly soft and well-made. I wanted to tell you that I did not have any friends with baby boys at the moment, but I donated it to our local hospital to use for a newborn who needed it. They said that they could really use it. I wanted you to know that some little baby is cozy in a blankey he would not have had otherwise. It seemed perfect b/c of your generous and giving heart to give it to a baby in need. I wanted to honor you and what you did to help out DINET.

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Congrats on getting the much needed help!!!

I'm sorry you hurt your foot. :)

A sprain can sometimes hurt worse then if it was broken. Keep ice on it like your doing and I hope that will be all you need. (that and maybe a new foot) LOL

Take care,


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hi all... I' too am SOOOOOOOO very glad about the aide.. WHEEEWWWWW!!!!! big load off my mind.. its so hard living alone and still trying and keep it all together..

emily.. i'm so very touched that you donated the blanket i made to the baby ward at the hsopital that is so sweet.. and it is so totally something that i would do as well...:P....if there is another auction I hope to be able to make some more stuff..

iwent and got my foot checked out tonight...they did a bunch of x-rays.. and good news i ddint break anything.. I was afraid i might have with the swelling and stuff.. he said that i torn some fibers in my ligament in my ankle...(i sprained it) and that i was lucky that i ddint do more damage to my foot considering the way my foot bent.. and my knee checked out allright ... that is hurting more then likely from whatever it hit when i fainted yesterday...

So I get to wear this lovely looking foot/ankle/legs split thingy until my pcp says other wise.. the er docs words where.. until i'm steady on my feet.. I laughed i'm like your kidding right??.. me steady on my feet!!.. HA!!!!!!

I ddint get any warning once so ever withthis faint last ngiht..

my bp was wacky tonight.. it was 145/93 and my pulse was 60.. the nurse asked me waht my bp normally ran i told her roughly 90-95 over about 57-60.. she goes really??? then she told me waht ti was.. and i told her that my BP and HR are wacky anyways.. but the pulse of 60 with my pressure that high (well for me high).. was a surprise!!!!! though its a bit concerning considering that i'm allready on 2 blood pressure meds.. and maxed out on the one!..geesh!!!!

so i will hobbling around for a bit.. but atleast nothing is busted up...

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