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For Those Who Get Episodes


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I know some of you get episodes where things just really flare up. I do too.

I just had one the other day where I could feel the adrenaline just slowly start to kick in and of course the heart began to do its racing dance and the b/p goes all over the map, the chills are there, sensitivity to light etc.

Afterwards, how do you feel? How long till you feel somewhere near where you were feeling before the flare/crash.

I have trouble sleeping that night, my mind gets the surges also as well as the rest of my body. My heart will do funky things with these surges too. All night. The next day can be the same,,surges and the chills just seem to come and go for a few days.

I can't wait to get a somewhat restful night sleep again.

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I can't get by unless I take a nap when I get "episodes". Sometimes that's not enough, but I don't have a choice. It's like I took a sleeping pill and my body just shuts down.

I understand what your feeling. :) Hope you have a better day!

Amber ;)

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Thanks ladies. Just feeling funky these past few days. I only work 2hours a day but those two hours do me in. I've been having surges these past few days and had another while at work. My rate started to go up. Only up to about 115 but still felt awful, chest tightness, feeling every beat.

This warm weather does me in also. ;) I hate worrying if it will keep happening all day, every day.

Thanks for letting me vent and have my pity party.....

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