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Ready To Be Home


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Hi everyone, I am heading home tommorow. I can't wait to go home and greet my doggies ;-). They are y kids too!

So I am a little pisturbed however I do understand. As I mentioned in my other post. I have had a HUGE strggle with my insurance. I was scheduled today (early) for 4 tests. Well I woke up late. I have had a few bad nights dealing with insomnia. I had not slept for 3 days and then crashed hard last nihf. Well I guess it turned out great. I checked my cell phone messages. I had a message from my insurance. They said they would not cover the tests because I can have those done by gastro at home. SO I had to cancel the last two days. So the last two days has been a waist. Now I get to go home and have all these tests done. I had he GI write me a list of the tests he would of done and I will have my gastro at home do it.

I will update this when I get home. I am starting to nodd off LOL SO I will take that as a asign to say good night for now.


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