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Mysister's Ttt


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My effort to diagnose my whole family with POTS has hit a snag. My sister had a tilt table test yesterday, and the doctor says she doesn't have POTS. At first, this seemed like good news, but the more I talked to her, the less certain I became. She has fatigue, lightheadedness, tachycardia, and difficulty staying hydrated. Her blood pressure stayed normal during the test, even after the nitro, but when I asked about her heart rate, she said she thought it kept getting faster.

I told her it was worth having another doctor look at the test results. Was that good advice? I can't quite tell whether I'm really thinking clearly on this, or I'm just so thrilled to have a diagnosis and I want her to have one, too.

It's not really the whole family. My sister-in-law also has fatigue and low blood pressure, which many doctors have failed to explain, so I've encouraged her to ask about a ttt, but it's just the 2 of them.


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I think it was good advice to tell her to have someone else read the TTT results. It won't hurt anyway.

I think it's great your so supportive towards your family! Your heart is in the right place.

Take care,


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