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Symptomatic Times, But Still Here


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Hi everyone,

I've been reading posts everyday and doing my moderating as needed, but I wanted you all to know I'm still around and kicking, even if my kick has less "oomph" than usual.

Today, I FINALLY had tubes put in both my ears. It was a strange experience b/c of how loud everything sounded while it was being done, but it hurt less than I expected. What REALLY hurt were the antibiotic drops afterward. OWIE. I was all wobbly afterward from me stressing about the procedure, but because of some big mess ups at work (not mine), i was begged to please come in today, so I drove myself from the ENT to work--oy. I worked from 10am to 4pm, then ran to the pharmacy to get myself the rx eardrops. Just took a dose and you should be glad you couldn't hear the foul words I ran around my kitchen saying. I'm from NYC, so you can figure it out!

I'm running on fumes right now--I'm shaky, off balance, nauseated and my hearing is all messed up, but should resolve in a few days. Oh, and my ears ache, but I expected that. I'm hoping, long term, that I have fewer ear and sinus infections, which have plagued me for years now.

I've been a bachelorette all week, as Teri is travelling for work again. I just scrape by each day--the house is a wreck...omg if Teri saw the house I'd be in big trouble. The dishes are still in the sink from Monday. I have dirty laundry all over the floor outside our bedroom door. Cereal and frozen dinners have been my saviours--I'm sure those of you who are homebound are more than slightly familiar with those items! I've been so spoiled to have someone in my life who loves to cook for me, and isn't that old addage so true--absence making the heart grow fonder and all that...

Thanks for the nice posts in the chit chat section, pm's and emails consoling me about my recently departed cat, Jeri, who has been my best buddy for 20 years. All the emotions from the days leading up to us calling the vet to come out to our house have added to my body's load; and I've been a bit more symptomatic than my usual. I'm trying not to dwell too long, but it's hard on nights like tonight when I'm home alone and she was my cat who thought she was dog and never left my side. I still have Abbigail (Abbi), but she's NOT a snuggler at all--fickle kitty.

Well, it's only 6:14, but I'm going to bed for the night. Welcome to all those who are new to DINET, and hello's to all. Nina

ps. I've been good about wearing my support hose b/c otherwise work would be out of the question at this point.

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Hi Nina,

Thanks for the update. :blink: I hope the tubes will work magic. LOL Try not to push yourself too hard. All the house work isn't going anywhere. But glad to know I'm not the only one that gets behind. :rolleyes:

Take care and big (((HUGS))) on the loss of your kitty,


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Hi Nina,

GLad to hear from you!! <_< I'm sorry I never got to leave you a message about your kitty...I've been soo exhausted lately and feeling horrible and a little down I completely missed that post.....I'm glad you got 20 years with a great little friend!! I wonder if animals know what a diffference they make for us?!

Anyhow, good luck with the tubes!


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Sorry to hear about your week. I hope you get back to feeling better soon, and are able to get the house back to nomral before the hubby comes home. I been there, the days where, I can't do anything, and my house looks like a bomb went off in it. Then it's like you play caught up for days. I am still doing that from my two weeks of being down. I am finally making progress! <_<

Take care, :ph34r:


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OUCH!! That doesn't sound fun! I hope that your ears start to calm down a bit as they heal...hopefully the tubes will bring you lots of relief. Sorry you're having to fend for yourself at such a tough time...I can't imagine what I'd do without my Mom here...definately would be living on cereal. <_<

Like you said..it just makes you realize how lucky we are to have loving people in our lives.

Take care and I hope you feel better soon! :ph34r:

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nina am i reading right? did you have tubes put in your ears without being knocked out? if so.. holy cow! girly!!

I had tubes in twice when i was a kid.. and i remember crying when my mom would put the ear drops in my ears.. i would try to run from her..lol.. (i as only like 5.. then again at 9..)

im amazed that you went to work as well.. my goodness mightymouse certainly fits you well...

i recall the first time that i had tubes.. i was there from sun up to well after sun down.. and the 2nd time.. i got really sick off the put you to slepp stuff..

my goodness!!!!!!! you are a trooper!

Oh yeah dont feel bad about the house work!! its not going anywhere...and if you need more variety for frozen dinners.. healthy choice has some yummy ones..

feel better nina

hugs.. and i hope your ears feel beter or start to feel better now that you have tubes!

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