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Hello All,

I have a question that may be very silly but I will ask it any way!!

I and my kids get breathless sometimes just sitting etc. every time I take my kids to our GP, when they are very breathless he makes them blow into a peak flow meter, that tends to be within normal range, so then he justs says that is fine, nothing wronge here bye. My kid is still very breathless, why?

Is it because our brain is reciving wrong information from our heart, thus it sends out a message like 'I am not getting enough O2 I need more O2' or is it an or is it really a lack of O2 problem if so why can't our GP see this?

My kids and I all have some form of familial dysautonomia which is being investigated.

Sorry if this sounds silly but would like some input.


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Breathing can definitely be affected by non-lung causes, like autonomic disorders. Breathing was the first thing that was hit in my body by POTS and it drives me batty. I think like Nina said, once you start paying attention to it, you actually have some control over it. I think I pay too much attention to it and it makes me feel worse.

Just want you to know I have this problem, too, and sympathize!


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Breathing was the first thing that hit me too when it all started. I had several different breathing difficulties. I found taking potassium helped with some of it.

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