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I Think That The Ivig Treatments Actually Worked A Little


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I was in the hospital Friday-Monday. They gave me 3 round of treatments. I got about a 6-month dosage in 3 days.

I did get some major chest pain out of the deal...but on Monday when I got out, I actually felt good...no dizzy spells! I could even not take my medication to just eat! Tuesday was the BEST day I have had in 3 years. I didn't have ONE dizzy spell, I could eat, it was perfect. I thought that I had hit the jackpot!

Then Wednesday morning I woke up nauseated...I took my meds...the dizzies were still okay. Then at lunch I had one dizzy spell. I thought, big deal, I can handle ONE spell. Then about a half hour later....boom, boom, boom, they just started hitting me. Then from that moment on, it was as if I hadn't done anything.

Today I went in to talk with my Dr. He thinks we are on the right track, he just thinks that we need a more constant dose...so I will start to get weekly (smaller) treatments. Then we will see if this helps. If it does, LIFE WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

We still need to get the chest pain under control...it is so bad I am taking Nitro constantly...it's the only thing that helps it. He adjusted my Midodrine and Nadolol today (lowered it), to see if that would reduce the pain. If not, then he is going to set up a Barium swallow to determine if this is a espohogial spasm or if there is something else we should be worried about. I hate the thought of this. My neurologist wants to Botox my espoghus to calm it down. I am just afraid that that isn't going to be it. We'll see. I have until Thursday. If the med adjustment doesn't work, he is setting up the test and possibly the shots.

Anyway...I just want to say, that I think that we are onto something...I just wish that it had longer lasting effects. I'll let you know what happens this next week and if the weekly treatments are any better.

Good luck to you all!


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