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Has This Ever Happened To You?


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I have had a burning feeling in my chest before. I wouls talk to the doctor next time you seem them and let them know whats been going on. If it get worse you may want to call the doctor. The hard part about all this is the not knowing what is casuing the symtoms. I hope the burning goes way, and you are able to start feeling better soon!

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I know the feeling of the memory issues-----mine has been terrible, so don't worry about repeating yourself---I think everyone understands---- :unsure:

I don't usually get a burning feeling, but I do get this buzzing/vibrating sensation when I'm over doing it. My torso----legs/arms---hips-----they just feel like electrical surges are going through them. It used to scare the heck out of me, but knowing all the issues I have it's not as scary, but still unsettling.

I'm still trying to get some answers on this myself. Just wanted to let you know your not alone. Peripheral neuropathy is possible. Check it out when you go to the neurologist at MUO---------- :blink:

Take Care,

Maxine :0)

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I've had burning sensations in my chest and also down my lower right leg on occasion. It feels like someone is holding a hair dryer up to my leg or chest.

It comes and goes, and I have no idea what it means. I generally ignore it, because it doesn't really disable me in any way.


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Dar, I get the electrical sensations .. i get them during adrenaline surges.. and the really bad ones leave me unable to move.. its not cool at all..

Um.. I spoke with somebody about this in the past few months.. about the elctrical buzzing stinging.. shoick thing.. and i was told that when you feel like to try and salt/fluid load and see if that helps you..


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