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Thought i would find someone who might have heard of Dr. Label in Thousand Oaks, CA. Appointment in Oct. My wife suffers everyday from a form of nueropathy(not diagnosed) just our thoughts. Nueroligists and cardiologist say its stress. We feel that we have not been to the right Dr. yet.

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Nice to meet you, I LOVE LUCY! I live in So. Calif. and asked for anyone here a long time ago. After too many doctors and too many wrong opinions, I finally took a record of my orthostatic BPs and my EEG reading (which showed hypoperfusion) and saw Dr. Label.

He said, "What is not to believe?" You obviously have an orthostatic problem", but he said it needed a cardio for diagnosis and treatment. He referred me to an excellent EP, but I chickened out on the TTT. My holistic cardiologist and GP both told me just to reduce my BB and that has helped a lot.

I am grateful to Dr. Label, who is a long drive for me and wasn't my first neuro. He understands about the alpha-adrenergic system, not just the beta-adrenergic system, and that is why I went to him (being old, with some alpha issues).

Anyway, I wish your wife well. If you want to talk, PM or EM me your phone number.


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