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Fevers----making Pots Worse


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I don't know where the heck I got this weird virus---it that is what it is.

It is very unusual for me to get a fever---and tonight I'm spiking at 100.3----high for me.

My spine feels like it's on fire, and every joint in my body aches. All I can do is sit here and think nightmarish thoughts of having to go to ER---and them not being able to help me---and my heart rate goes out of control.

I have no idea where i picked this up----other then it might be from my son---but I assumed I gave him my cold......

I had a cold, and it was kind of bad for a couple days, but I don't think I have much of a fever---I don't know I never took it---then the cold cleared up in three more days.

Now I have this weird stuff. Started with a scratchy throat----and now everything hurts like you know what---and I'm tachy even on the beta blockers---about 100 bpm-----even after I took my klonopin.

The only other thing different this week was the sleep study, and the bed seemed smelly, but they said the sheets are changed every day.

I feel so terrible............ Tylenol has not cleared it--------still 100.5------------------Sorry---not one to handle illness on top of the junk I already have going on..............


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you might wait for about three days (at the most) and when you're still running a fever you'd better check with your pcp. the last time that i had something simular like you (starting with a cold and getting a fever after that) i was close to a pneumonia (did i feel sick!!!) but my gem doc immediately started me on antibiotics and it got milder and was almost gone in a few days.

i'm not suggesting that you have something similar, but starting a fever after a cold can be serious (especially when you start coughing again and are in pain). we're all different of course, and i'm not a doctor, but you better keep an eye on it!

warm wishes for a speedy recovery,

corina :)

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Thanks for replying girls------------ :blink:

My fever finally broke yesterday I think---I haven't checked it today. I had an extremely stiff spine/neck---more then my usual. I have a lot of upper spine and neck instability/problems ect. But it was terrible the last few days, and I'm still being very careful because I'm so weak. Yesterday I felt a little better, and my son was over with his girlfriend and her little daughter. We had a nice visit for a couple hours, but it wore me out completely.

I must have some kind of virus going around-------my ears are full, and my sinuses are full----although I'm having a tough time getting them to open when I blow my nose. When they do it's only a little at a time.

There is blood mixed with the mucus-------sorry---I know it's nasty........... :unsure:

The second night I had this it was so bad the tylenol would not break my fever. Every joint in my body hurt so bad---my right knee cap felt like it was being stuck with thick needles. My joints still ache---but not as bad, and I'm still weak, but slowly getting better. I'm staying low. My appetite is very bad----I'm not eating much...........

Next week I go to Cincinnatti to an EDS specialist---so I hope I am over this by then. I did get some gatoraid-------------and have been pushing the fluids.

Notherndarline, my PCP doesn't take me very seriously----and if I did see her she would push antibiotics. I get very sick from antibiotics---so I don't take them unless it's very serious. I have shown slow improvement, so I'm avoiding the PCP for now. If I don't get better---I will see her to get this treated.

I have to admit, I was a little scared-----------this is a whopper of a virus, but so far it has not moved into my chest/lungs. I just can't get oover how much worse this is making my spine hurt--------it's been on fire.

Rest---rest rest---that's all I'm doing. I think last night this stuff tried to move into my chest---maybe not-----my throat was doing something---It's hard to remember---I was in and out of sleep----I was coughing, but it was more like I was choking----and very dry.

It will be interesting to see what the sleep study shows.

Maxine :0)

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