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Heart Flutters & Skips All Darn Night


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Sometimes I get heart flutters/skips and they come in small batches that last maybe 30 min or so. but when i went to bed last night at 9pm they started. At 11 I took a beta blocker (indural) and then around midnight they went to a dull roar and I was able to get some sleep. got up at 4am to go to the bathroom and :rolleyes: it all got darker, lol. Then they kept me awake till it was time to get my daughter off to kindergarten and go to work.

I know it is probably fine but I HATE NEW STUFF. If I laid on my left side they were bad, if I laid on my right they were mildly better, unless I sort of compressed my chest. So I had to sleep with a pillow sideways in front of me to keep that top arm up. Sleeping on my tummy was as bad as sleeping on my left side. Sleeping on my back was better but then I could not sleep cause I was not comfortable. Darned if ya do and Darned if ya dont.

Yesterday was very stressful (tried to sell a computer over ebay and they guy who bid was a fraud and so I had to go around calling companies and changing passwords). So I am sure it was the stress that tricked me out. But it is worrying...


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Hi there, gosh, my heart goes out to you, no pun intended! :) I know how scary and uncomftorable that feeling can be. It's absolutely frightening and it just makes it worse when you're tired from lack of sleep.

I had an episode about 9 months ago where I had constant heart flutters, skips, arrhythmias for nearly a week. However, I was finally prescribed inderal and it helped them tremendously. I take the smallest dosage they make and sometimes just take half of that....have you tried increasing your dosage a little bit or talking to your doctor about it?

It could be that you just need a little more beta blocker or even something as simple as a deficiency in a vitamin or mineral. Sometimes drinking a little magnesium tea (I use Natural Calm) may help ease the flutters. I would look at your diet, stress, and daily routine to see if any of that has changed recently.

Do you also have MVP? I read a study that said women with MVP who exercised moderately for 30 minutes a day had signifcantly reduced symptoms (such as heart flutters, chest pain,etc). I realize not all of us can exercise, but just thought I'd throw that out there.

I spoke with my cardio at Mayo when I was having those constant flutters day and night and he assured me that I was going to be okay. I would talk to your doctor, but in the mean time I wanted to send you lots of hugs and I hope you're doing much better today! :)


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The heart stuff lasted that whole night and part of the next day and then thankfully went away. I was very happy about that. I had gone off my inderal a long while before just cause taking meds makes me nervous. I have since gone back on. The symptoms far outweigh the medicine I think. lol

I had an echo in april of this year and it came up clean, so to speak. So I dont think I have MVP.

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I am suppose to take 50 mg Atenolol but generally take only 25mg or 1/2 a tablet if I am feeling not too bad. However, I will take another 1/4 tablet if I get the flutters, skips or tachy. <_<

This generally works pretty good for me so far......(I actually got this idea off of another post awhile back) :)

However....a new symptom should always be checked out and changing dosage shouldn't be done without your doctor's knowledge. Everyone is so different and I don't think you can/should go off and on beta blockers. :ph34r:

lots of (((((((HUGGS))))))))). :):):):):)

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