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We Do Not Know What This Is


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My wife, Lucy is going thru **** and no one can diagnose her. We live in So. Calif. Can someone recommend a Nuerologist? It started with tingling in hands and feet, head/face tremors, unable to sleep, pressure in the sinus area and eyes. Now she has symtoms with swallowing, eating, nausea. I decided to join this forum to help her because The Doctor gave her depression meds. Sent home to rest. RIGHT!!

I contacted Vanderbilt Med. Cnt but they can not see her till Jan. 2007.

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I don't know any Dr.'s in SoCa, but I just wanted to say hi, and welcome!

It can be terrifying to be sick, or have a sick loved one and not know what's happening, especially when you feel trivialized by Dr's (I went through all of that last year when I first got sick). Keep fighting for answers, and if you don't like what one doc has to say, find another, and keep knocking on doors until you get the treatments you and your wife need.

I know there are some people here from Cali, so maybe they'll have some suggestions. You should also check the main DINET site for the doctors list.


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Hello Lucy's husband ( ? )

I cannot help you with a doctor as I live in the UK but welcome to the best site on the net B)

I to know what its like to be married to someone who is ill and a diagnosis is not found right away, but you just stick in there , it may take time but you will get somewhere if you dont take the 'well we're not to sure' or ' it could be a virus ' we have all been there and done that one over the years.

Your wife not only needs your love and understanding at this time but to be able to tell you how she feels , even if ( as I have to ) listen to the same thing over and over again because she may have forgotten in her pain thats she's already told you.

Dont you let anyone tell your wife to 'give it a rest'..................the more support, listening to her, doing small things around the house for her, just bringing her her favourite magazine, a lovely card or a small bunch of flowers 'out of the blue' at this time will let her know that you back her 150% and that will mean more to her than anything .

My husband and I are both disabled , yet we support each other in every way ,every day of our lives , as the vows said 'in sickness and in health ' ...........we unfortunately have sickness ( not that we had a choice )

I do hope you can find a doctor quickly and get a diagnosis , I have the pressure and pain in the sinus area and beyond and also the swallowing problems, so its not to unheard of .

Thinking of you both Willows.

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Please take a look at the following link for a listing of all sorts of resources. It has links to other physician lists other than DINET's


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