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Sleep study

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I posted several weeks ago that I was going to have a sleep study... and I had it last night. I'm sooooo glad it's over! I'll be happy to share the details if anyone wants to know what the process is like before you go through yours. The bottom line--I slept better than I thought I would, and I think I may even have slept better than at home. With all those wires, I couldn't toss and turn as I normally do, and of course there was no clock! (I think I'll get rid of my clock radio and have my husband tie me up at night. Maybe that will help! :angry: )

I am aware, however, that I fully awakened 5 times (and had to get out of bed once); the technician reported that I did have several apneas when I was lying on my left side, but then I turned myself over and they stopped.

It takes 2 weeks to get the full report; they slow down the tapes and look for apneas and other sleep arousals that the technician wouldn't have seen just watching me in real time. If I learn anything that would be of interest, I'll post again.

Take care, all.


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No, the technician didn't say why... I don't even know if the doctor/s interpreting the results will even be able to say! (I'd love to know, though, and what--if anything--I could do differently! You're so out of control during sleep hours, you know?) I'm curious about a few things--like whether those apneas occurred during REM sleep, and what happened to my heart rate during REM. The technician said that my HR stayed pretty stable--I think under 100 bpm the whole time.

(During my 24 holter, I woke up from a dream with heart racing and noted it in my journal. In fact, I got the notes from my doctor later and found that my hr went from 77 to 119 in that minute. I guess that didn't happen to my heart rate last night during sleep study, even tho I did wake from a dream--feeling full of anxiety and a little sick. That's when I got up to use the bathroom.)

Anyway, m, good luck with your study next week. Getting hooked up to everything is pretty bizarre, and you'll never believe that you could possibly find a comfortable place to fall asleep. But be confident--you actually will!

talk to you later,


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