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Chest Pain/trouble Breathing With Tachy


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Even when I have little episodes,,or "george" as Julia coined it, my rate at rest is in the 90's sometimes 100 and standing 114,,I can't seem to tolerate the heavy chest and the sensation that I can't breathe properly. It drives me nuts. I'm not breathing rapidly either, even with my heart beating faster. Just feels like I can't get enough air in and this last until it breaks which could take an hour or more.

I just came back from the cardio on Thurs. I'm tired of running there. *sigh*

Anyone else experience this?

Even at not so high rates of tachy?

Even in the 90's or even in the 114 range,,it feels just as miserable, all the symptoms..is that so strange? Knock on wood it seems that things have lowered from the 130's and 120's down to the 100-115 range during episodes,, but the symptoms still are just as terrible feeling..Make sense?

I wonder if the chest muscles tense up, I guess everything can get affected by adrenaline.


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I get this occasionally, but not as often as I used to. For me, I combat it by laying flat on my back with my legs elevated (I use a wedge you can buy at medical supply stores). Then I take deep, slow breaths in and out and try to concentrate on slowing down my system (not necessarily my heart, but just slowing down my body in general).

Of course, make sure that this feeling is just the POTS and not something more sinister. But from the sound of it, you've already done that.

Good luck :wub:


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I get the same thing. Sometimes as Lauren does I get relief if I lay down on the floor with my feet up on the couch (usually in the morning this happens). Usually if it is at night I chug a glass of cold glass of water, which helps.


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