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Weird Headaches..


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Quick question here for you guys!

Does anyone get a pain in their jaw that spreads to just about their right eye??? I keep getting these pains today.....I saw my PCP and he didn't really say much about my headaches, just curious if anyone gets these as well....

Thanks, I appreciate your input! :wub:


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I get migraines after eating processed foods, especially anything containing MSG, the headache you discribe sounds exactly what I experience. For years I was told it was my TMJ, even was fitted for a splint a few times and suffered still. Then went to neurologist at Cleveland Clinic and he put me on an elimination diet. As soon as I added the things on his no no list, the headaches began again. I know everyone is different, but I know from experience that this is what happened to me. It doesn't hurt to try and see if you have a sensitivity to substances such as MSG. As long as I watch my diet, my headaches are very few and never like the ones I got with eating the no no foods. I had had these awful headaches since 17 years old till nearly my mid 30's, sometimes 2-4 times per week. I wouldn't wish them on anyone. I got a list from the doctor, it had things on it like lunchmeat, nitrates, peanuts, MSG, banana's, lots of stuff you wouldn't think would cause a headache. I will look in my desk and see if I can find it and post it.


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Maybe sinus related? I get sinus infections where the pain is all around my eyes, upper and lower jaws, stabbing pains sometimes, if let untreated it spreads to top of my head. Sometimes I don't even have fever or yellow mucus just bad pains. And start feeling weak and sick. It can start around one eye and then spread and then I just feel worse and worse, I have even had sinus surgery but still get this. My sinus dr had me get a cat scan after my surgery and another bout of this and said there was absolutely no sign of infection! He suggested maybe it was TMJ which I also have and prescribed a muscle relaxer. which I hated then just quit going to him. I do get them less frequently but the only thing that helps my "invisible infection" is antibiotics. My new PCP provider will prescribe these, she said sometimes you just can't explain things. (Especially for me :( ) I do use a nose inhaler too, Nasonex.

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