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24 Hr Urine Testing...


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Hi (again) :wub:,

I just wanted to know if anyone knew much about 24 hour urine tests. I have had some in the past but my Endo would like to repeat the tests...She wants me to do it 3 separate days. I know she wants to know the methyl 3 test results...? What does that measure? She is also waiting to see what type of med to put me on for the high histamine levels I have...i.e. benedryl, etc.

Also, does anyone know how long you can keep the urine until you deliver it.? It just seems like alot going to Boston 3 separate times to drop off the specimines....



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jacquie -

i don't know about the specific testing you're having done as there are almost endless different tests that 24-hr urine specimins can be used for. regarding how long you can wait to drop it off, however, sooner is always better. different tests will be affected differently by waiting...depending on what is being tested and also whether a reagent is being used, buti definitely wouldn't wait to take all of the jugs in at once as the results could end up being useless anyway. you could obviously call the lab and ask them if there is any leaway, but if anything it will be one day (which could still save you one trip), not two; it won't hurt to call.

:wub: melissa

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I can honestly say I am probably the pro of 24 hour urine test! I have been doing them each month since Feb 2004, due to my Lupus Nephritis. They check the protein in my urine.

I do put it in the frig (up to 24 hours after) marked "this is not lemonade".


I would ask the nurse at your doctors office or at the lab for more information.

Good luck!


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