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Mestinon And Fatigue/brain Fog


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I've picked up some new symptoms recently (headaches, some nausea, etc.) and was advised to try Mestinon. From what I've seen on the board, though, it seems that most people take it to help with temperature regulation and GI issues. I have some problems with temperature and do get nauseous sometimes, but I can handle that. What I can't handle is the brain fog and trouble concentrating (I'm in grad school and need to get back to work on my dissertation at some point!). I've seen a few people mention Mestinon helping with energy, but they seem to be the minority.

And it seems like a lot of people take it, so thought I'd ask - has Mestinon helped you with cognitive symptoms? Significantly? Anybody have experience with both Mestinon and Adderall (which I'm currently taking and giving up to try the Mestinon)? Which is better in your experience?



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I've been taking Mestinon for a little over a year and it totally helps!!! I've been doing things I never dreamed of last summer, its amazing, and DEFINITELY helps with my brain fog!! I was never able to sit and do schoolwork for more than 20 minutes and now I can do it for 3 hours!!! WHOA!! It's so exciting, give it a try


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That's strange your doctor would prescribe Mestinon for headaches...are you sure you've got the right drug name?

I take mestinon for muscle weakness and for my orthostatic problems (ie. low blood pressure upon standing), incidentally it has helped with my GI problems, but that's an exception, not the norm. One of the most common side effects of mestinon is diarrhea, so many on the forum who've tried it had to stop because it aggrivated their already very sensitive GI tracts.

Mestinon works by preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine. This is the primary catecholamine involved in nerve impulses to muscles (hence its use for treating muscle weakenss). In a recent study they also found that it helped with some kinds of autonomic neuropathy, that's why a few people on the forum who don't experience muscle weakenss have been prescribed it.

I've posted a link to the article on mestinon and orthostatic hypotension below:


I honestly don't know how or if the drug would help your headaches, that's why I'm curious if you're thinking of a different drug. However, if your doctor thinks you'd benefit from it, I guess it's worth a shot.

Hope that helps,


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Dizzy - Sorry, my post wasn't too clear.

They didn't prescribe it specifically for headaches, but just because my symptoms overall aren't improving. The headaches are a new development and are part of why I'm overall not happy with my progress, but it isn't the main problem or anything - that's definitely the difficulty concentrating/low mental energy.

I hate bananas - I hate them too! And I'm at about the same level of schoolwork that you were, so that is very encouraging. When I work I go longer than 20 mins, but I shouldn't cuz right around then I start losing focus and lots of symptoms get worse. Thanks for the post!

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my doctor had never prescribed mestinon before but he wanted to send me to vandy for the stidy they were doing with POTS patients and mestinon. well i was about to be getting out of the marine corps so he decided he would just do the experiment himself. turns out i was allergic to it but according to him it should help out with the brain fog "by truck loads". it is worth giving a shot atleast. i always say try anything once, then you won't be left wishing you had--- and who knows, it may even help you, but if it doesn't you atleast know not.

dionna :)

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As far as I can telll, Mestinon has helped my energy level and overall functioning. I have some brain fog, but nothing severe....I'm a full time undergrad student and am still able to concentrate on school.

I used to be on topamax (for migrains), and that impaired my concentration much more than mestinon.

I'm sure the side effects vary for each individual. Don't be afraid to discuss your concerns with your doc.

I hope everything works out with your treatment!

Take Care,


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mestinon didn't help me at all with cognitive trouble. for that i am on a try using methylfenidaat-hydrochloride (yep, i had to take the box to remember how to spel it :unsure: ). this helps me from falling asleep during the day AND it helps me concentrating. it's not super, but well enough for me (at least for now!!).

corina :ph34r:

ps i think the methyl . . . is also known as ritalin

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