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Chest Pain


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Ok.. so I've been getting really bad chest pain.. i've talked to my cardio about it.. and its related to my pots.. he said unfortuanly there is nothing that i can give you to make it go away.. he said to just la down and wait for it to stop..

problem with that is.. it usually lasts for days at a time...and i get weird pain ful heart beats when i get the chest pain.. and the heart beas make me feel more faintier then i normally feel....

as of yet i have found nothing that offfers me relief from this.

what do you all do to allieviat pots realted chest pain??

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goodness, linda! (hugs) but not too hard to squeeze your chest :)

when i had bad chest pain like that, the cardio actually dxd me w/ GERD and gave me protonix, which i eventually had to take 2ce/day. now i take nexium, same stuff basically, cuz of insurance.

the GERD dx was confirmed later with an endoscopy, they found acid all the way up to the back of my throat and extensive scarring.

sometimes i get chest pain from anxiety...being warm and doing whatever to relax generally helps in those cases.

i hope you feel better soon and find something to help relieve the pain! it is NO FUN, that's for sure! you hang in there, girl!

love and ((HUGS))

lulu :)

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more and more fluids..didn't oyu just have an IV therapy???Well lil lady keep on drinkin fluids and try a moist hot compress on back and even on your front if you can. If it is muscles trying to give away blood this wiill help..if it is due to ventricular filling then keep pumping the fluids.


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I used to get a lot of chest pains and they have definitely decreased since I've been on protonix too (like Lulu). I know the chest pains might not feel like heart burn, but I think sometimes they can be related even if they don't exactly feel like it. If you're not already on something like protonix, you might want to ask your doctor about it especially since you listed GERD as one of your problems. You could also try prilosec otc, but I found that it wasn't quite strong enough for me.

I hope that you can get it under control! This pots is a real pain to deal with sometimes, especially with such a wide range of symptoms

Oh, and sometimes if the chest pains get really bad, sometimes I find that if you take deep meditative breaths where you expand your diaphragm, it can sometimes help reduce the pain a little. Just a thought... Hope this helps!



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all i can do it either sit down or lay down and just wait it out. i try to take deep breaths someimes because it stops when i inhale but on exhale it is worse. atleast for a few seconds it stops though.

dionna :)

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I take a hot shower- sometimes the steam helps, or a hot bath if I'm at home (people can lift me out of th bath if I'm in trouble).

I also get a hot water bottle and just have to curl up in bed.

If it's really horrific I take GTN, and if it's still dreadful I've to go to A&E (ER) because EDS means I'm at increased risk of an aneurysm

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All I can say is that you are not alone. I have suffered from crushing chest pain for many years. Sometimes it is just a scarey pressure in my chest that also will last for days. If I get upright, it worsens. My doctors too have not offered me anything for relief which makes it very difficult to cope with. :) I think the only thing that will improve chest pain is improvng the degree of dysautonomia. Good luck!


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