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Breast Pain?? Another Freaky Pots Symptom?


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hi all.. i was wondering.. for a few months now.. I have ben having bad breast pain.. the right one being worse then the left one...

I recently got a new gyno lady doc.. and she actually listened!! But on exam there where no jumps.. but there are changes occuring primarily with the right breast..

I've had labs done and been checked a few times now w/ breast exams... they checked for infections or something that might be causing it.. and everthing on that front was negative.. and they thru in a pelvic ultrasound for good measure.. that too of course was negative..so was the pregnancy test that was negative as well..

Now while talking to the doc she mentioned that she wondered if maybe with my dysautonomia and all the other weird things i have going on if possibly my pots wasnt causing this weird symptom.. then again maybe not.. they are sending me to a surgeon to rule out a lump that might be deeper in the breast muscle..( that i actually am a bit concerned about.. as my grandmother had breast cancer when she was about my age )

but after that they are out of idea's.. and again was wondeing if it might be a new symptoms of pots.. i realize that you all are probably thinking I'm a looney bird.. but i thought i'd see if any of you have experienced breast pain that was unrelated to anything.. (and that lasted for months!!!!!!!).. and had been told it might be your pots causing it??


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I get tender breasts as well! Sometimes they swell up too (much to the chagrin of my boyfriend). I can vary from a B to C cup because of this. I've had all the exams/tests and all came back negative. I just attribute it to my funky body.

Good supportive padded bras can really help me. I love the maidenform lightly padded bras. The padding helps keep my breasts "in place" since any bouncing really hurts on days when they're tender.

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hey dizz,

i don't think you're looney, but look who's talking! LOL :)

i've had breast pain and what my doc thinks is "fibroid" type lumps. he wants me to have a mammogram and when i tell him all the sxs i have w/ my periods and how it's terrible, he says he wants to do a hysterectomy!! (maybe he figures if i haven't got the stuff, i'll quit bugging him w/problems?)

i talked w/beverly @ dr. g's office about this and she thought i needed a 2nd opinion, gave me names of a couple docs/nurse practitioners familiar w/ dysautonomia. i am thinking some of this stuff has *GOT* to be related, w/ all of the posts by women who have female problems of one kind or another. but i've never had anyone "confirm or deny" just say they seem related.

i hope maybe some folks here have better answers?

but you're not alone with weird sxs, that's for sure! i hope you feel better and get some answers!



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one other thought i thought i'd throw out there is medications. tender breasts can be a side effect of various meds so that might be something to look into. and it could be after a lot of time on the med. i don't have the tenderness but - no laughing allowed - i'm lactating (just a little) from the domperidone i'm on. if it was actually helping (the med, not the lactation :) ) i seriously wouldn't mind but it's not doing anything much (if at all). when i was on reglan i had the lactation as well as bruising & tenderness.

hope you get some answers...

:) melissa

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I just went to the Cleveland Clinic Breast Center for this very symptom. My right breast is very tender to the touch (for months). Everything came back clear and the doctor said it was just fibrocystic changes. Completely normal and an aggravating symptom for many women. I don't think it is POTS related. I just think it is common for women.

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While I can't speak specifically about what you may be experiencing, since I don't really know what kind of pain you're talking about, dysaut. definitely wreaks havoc on our hormones, and changes in hormones may cause tenderness and pain....

I hope you figure out something soon!! :wub:

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