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My sister just suggested this as an alternative to Gatorade because I've been complaining about the weight gain (I'm drinking insane tons of the stuff). I was wondering if anyone else has tried it? It seems like it'd help for my hypoglycemia as well....but I'm kind of wary about things like this. I'd love to hear other people's experiences, if they've had any? The info on it.

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personally i don't know a thing about it, but a quick look at the link makes me very wary. or at least makes me say you'd want to speak with your doctor first. the fact that it's a blood-thinner is something that can be problematic for some so i'd DEFINITELY want a doctor's okay. additionally one of the reasons gatorade can be helpful is for the electrolytes, primarily sodium & potassium. this product appears to have potassium but i don't think any sodium?

hope this helps,

:) melissa

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Hehe. Thanks, I'm wierd about taking new things, so I'll definitely talk to my doctor before taking this. My sister's always coming up with random things to "make me better", it's sweet, but kinda impractical. This looks interesting though.

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