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Has Anyone Tried Acidophilus Lactic Bacteria ?


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I was reading a book about what we eat and how to help our bodies with digesting foods etc and came across this section about 'friendly bacterias'

The author of the book suggested that if you have problems with your bowel like constipation or pains etc you should try taking a course of these.

They are a non dairy source of L'acidophilus Lcasei casei & Lcasei rhamnosus............not that it means much to me , each capsule holds a staggering 2 billion little friendly critters who hopefully will 'easy ' my bowels and make me skip with joy around the house ( I wish :blink: )

I'm going to take two every morning and evening ..........as long as I dont start doing strange things like ; vomitting , itching & scratching or swelling up then I'll give them a go for a month ( I got a jar of 120 for ?15.00)

If anyone has already had a go at these , be nice and let me know how you got on .

Willows .............and her merry little critters already chomping away inside of her ...........hope they dont keep me awake all night singing and partying in there :)

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hi, willows, :)

the vitamins i take everyday contain L. acidophilus and i have found it very helpful indeed. even more beneficial has been increased fiber in my diet and supplementing the fiber when i can, but only with bulk fiber, never stimulants, etc, b/c the body can become dependent on them. i read where you take pain medication, that can be extremely hard on your insides & it's even more important & difficult in that situation to ahem, keep regular. it can be difficult for me to remember to take fiber supplements, b/c they can't be taken w/i 2 hrs either side of taking medication....some days, it's like, "okay, what time would that be?" lol :blink:

i'd be wary of anything purporting to be a "cure-all," and to be careful not to get overrun w/friendly bacteria, which can also be a problem...but it sounds like you know what symptoms to look for there. i wish you good luck with it and would again encourage anyone with constipation or pains to look at the fiber amounts in their diet, increasing natural fiber has been crucial for me in bettering my health, along w/ the vitamins.

best wishes, willows! keep us posted.

take care,


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howdy willows, fellow uk person,

i love acidophilous, (sp?) i drink those little actimel drinks or asda's own cos they have it in it, but my mum takes the capsules and gives them to me whenever i'm home and they do help, and whats better is they don't cause tachycardia which most anti spasmodics and ibs tablets do.

hope they help you

big hugs


x x x

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i've taken them in the past and noticed no difference - good or bad - so didn't keep it up...

:) melissa

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Thanks all for your replies and ello becky hows Snowdonia ? nice and white yet ?????

Fiber , ha............... dont talk to me about fiber . I eat so much of the stuff every single day and what happens ...............?????.............................?????..............exactly nothing.

I drink loads of water, pure OJ, juices and other stuff like a cup of coffee or chocolate and this is most of the day and night .

As for fiber well I eat Porridge oats, all-bran, bran-flakes or breakfast have wholemeal bread in sandwiches with salad stuff and a lean meat , then fresh fruits and yogurts for dinners desserts like pineapples, apples, pears, oranges. I eat loads of veggies with my dinner at night like carrots, cabbage, broccoli and have wholemeal pasta or rice ........I tell you eat anymore fiber and I'll turn into an oat cake myself ( Scottish sort of biscuit )

I've had this problem for about 25 years now and its not getting any better , its a cross between IBS and ' pain, bloating and sweating with waves of contractions ' no drug , tablet or powder that the doc gives me helps.............so anything is worth a try I say .


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I take a capsule with 4 billion in them. Meant to take 2 a day.

There's has been some talk that the yoghurt drinks aren't worth the bother. Yakult is the best one. But that capsules are even better as more are likely to reach where it's needed. Then they say you have to get one thats been tested to see if there is actually as much in there as they say there are! Many don't. I know one of the best was Multibionta which is vitamins and minerals with probiotics.

Unfortuantely, the best ones seem to be rather expensive. I'm paying ?15 for one bottle of capsules.

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Yes, I have taken it. Capsules aren't so effective as pure powder in a glass of water as they take longer to digest. I'd recommend the powders, which- you can get from biocare.co.uk

The actimel drinks are ok, so long as you aren't actually lactose intolerant....lactose intolerance is one of the most common causes of IBS. Along with wheat.

Willows you must be intolerant/allergic to something you're eating to experience those symptoms. Have you been tested? I am intolerant to wheat, dairy and yeast. Acidophilus has helped a lot though.

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Hi. Doesn't it seem like every culture has some form of naturally fermented foods -- from miso to tempeh, to sauerkraut and yogurt, etc? So the idea of supporting and replenishing gut flora is probably important to our health.

I always thought you couldn't go wrong with acidophilus, especially after taking steroids or antibiotics (or antiobiotic-laced foods). But when laboratories culture the stool for various organisms and substances and find d-lactate, they recommend against acidophilus. Instead they recommend bifidus, saccharomyces and other natural flora. This may be a new phenomenon because so many people have taken acidophilus over the years with benefits.

Perhaps a trial would be the best way to know.

Happy experimenting.


PS. Oats are said to be constipating for some people, even though other grains have the kind of fiber which is supposed to "move things along".

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I have been tested for allergies and partly have problems with lactose .......but refined lactose .

For instance if I have to many tablets which are fully bulked with lactose ..........I swell up ( face ,neck throat) heart beats starts to flutter in a downwards spiral , I get graphic urticaria and am so sick , hospitalist .

When I was once given 'lactulose ' by mistake in Hospital for my bowels I was in hospital for about another two weeks trying to get over the one spoonful !!!

I can drink some milk and have a yogurt as well as lactose in foods ...............but , if I have a Cornish cream tea :o I'm in hospital again for a week or more very ill.

My doctor cannot understand it , so I just watch what I eat and haven't been in hospital for about 6-7 years 'over dosed ' yet ...touch wood.

Today I managed to 'make the earth move' thats after 14 days ............ :( I've drunk gallons of movicol , water, juices , I wonder I dont have fluid swishing around in me when I walk about , slopping around for all to hear :huh:

I've , putting it as nicely as I can ............been in excruciating pain and poured blood again, so it sit on a wad of cotton wool for comfort again . ouch!!! :huh: So I'm going to give these little critters a chance at helping me ..............fingers crossed . :P Willows.

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Good heavens............... :angry:

I'm in shock here guys, well the last time I 'went' was 5 days ago and as you can read I took everything going to 'help' ..............the pain was bad and thats being 'to the point' and I bleed something rotten :lol:

Well .............drum roll here.................the little beauty's are working :o:):D

I have been taking two every morning and when I can remember every evening to ( so tired by 9pm I normally forget ) I haven't touched a drop of the doctors medicines, tablets or movicol , not one drop and today without one contraction ' the earth moved for me '.......

well in a small way , but a little is good , its a good start when you think I 'normally' .............how can I possibly be normal !!! well I normally go very 14 to 21 days.............yes you read that right !!!

So now you can see why I'm so ( if I could) hopping and skipping about the place ............just 5 days WOW ...... bring on another bottle of the bugs my tummy's waiting for you all to party ............only one side effect ............mmmmmmmmmmm WIND :rolleyes: I have enough building up in me each night to not only a kite but a hot air balloon towing a herd of elephants in a fishing net .............just picture that one !!!!

Willow last seem floating over west Devon ...................... :blink: pin anyone ?????

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