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Persephone Hits The Us!


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I'm from Michigan, Kalamazoo is 2 1/2 hours across the State from where I live. When are you coming?Make sure you bring warm clothes, summer is over here and it gets pretty cold and fast :)



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Kalamazoo is a place in Michigan, home to Michigan University where I will be attending conference on medieval studies- it's the biggest medieval congress in the world, attracts ab out 3000 people. With a bit of luck my funding body will cover my flights and accommodation too! I'm going to be speaking on politics and mythology in late medieval Scotland.

I think we should have a kalamazoo get together! What is the weather like over there in May?(conference is 10th-13th, 2007).

Do you all like my user pic? It shows how essay writing can be bad for pots- if you repeatedly heabut your computer you'll get syncopal!!!This is me going mad with my dissertation! hehehehe....writing writing writing...I feel like Jack Nicholson in the Shining!!!


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I'm from Michigan - about 3 hours away from the city of Kalamazoo. If you can make the time, you might want to schedule a 1 hour car ride west to the shore of Lake Michigan. It is a beautiful site and one of the Great Lakes for which the state is known. It will be cool and windy and depending on the time of your visit you might hit the trees in their full color change. The colors should peak somewhere in Mid-October. I've attached the link to the www.mi.gov website travel section and specifically the "color tour" that is closest to Kalamazoo. Click on the City of St. Joseph to see a view of Lake Michigan from the bluff.


I hope you enjoy visiting our state!

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