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Low Bp While Sitting


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Last night I was watching The Path to 9/11 (very informative) and all of the sudden I felt this wave come over me and I thought I was going to pass right out. But I was sitting down! I've never felt like that while sitting down. My fiance got the blood pressure machine but it took him a couple minutes to get everything set up. I remained in the same position and took my BP. It was 90/37 by the time I took but my pulse was okay at 105. I can't imagine how low it was when I thought I was going to pass out.

I thought maybe I was dehydrated, overdid it a bit, if anyone read my last post on exhaustion you know I have a lot on my place right now. So I drank a lot of water and felt a little better by the time I went to bed. Major drops in BP like that usually drain the life out of me and last night was no exception.

I woke up this morning to some strange tachycardia and decided maybe I should call my cardio. I'm set to see him Oct. 4th but just to play it safe. So I talk to his typical secretary who I managed to make nice with awhile back so I get what I need from them. But she transfers me to someone new to make my appointment! She schedules me for September 21st! I'm like gee, thanks, can you put me on a waiting list for cancellations? She asked why I was coming to see him. I tell her my BP was 90/37 last night and she asks me what that means?! :blink: Why are you working for a cardiologist if you don't even have a clue about blood pressure? She wouldn't even put me on a waiting list because apparently it is a mile long.

Worst case scenario, I have his cell phone number for after hours. I just feel funny about that. Or if I feel worse while he is there, I may call and have him call me back.

But has this happened to anyone while sitting?? I guess this is a new one for me.

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my BP while sitting (in my wheelchair, so hadn't been standing at all) at the doctor last week was 66/40-something; it went up to 120/something once i layed down for a bit. yesterday at my home nurse visit it was 90-something/50-something when i was sitting. it's not at all unusual for me. i can sit longer than i can stand but still not for extended periods. if my legs are up i last longer.

:blink: melissa

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My BP hasn't been measure THAT low but it IS LOW or normal or HIGH normal now with tachycardia screaming.

Still, I have ALWAYS needed to lie down . even elevate feet above heart level or even head level to get relief.

Sitting can help sometimes but I usually do everything with feet up..especially eating. Feet on floor with head up rarely gives the relief I need in MY case.

so maybe your problem with gravity is getting worse with feet so far from your head??

Hope you get some relief.

I never dreamed I would have hyPERtension when standing so I am totally confused and I have had this junk 16 years...on disability at least...milder version before that. We always thought my symptoms were LOW BP and the discovery of the opposite, just confuses me.

I wonder if this illness will every UNCONFUSE ME. :blink:

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Sitting up is almost as hard for me as standing. If I have my feet elevated, I can sit longer. A recliner is the best way for me to sit.

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