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Contact Lenses-wearing Hurt Your Eyes When You Have Pots?


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I don't have the dry eye issues --but I have to admit sadness when they pulled the extended rellief lens solution off the market. My issue is that I don't wear my contacts all the time, and when I do, I am bad about working my way up to longer time. The extended relief solution let me wear them once in a while and wear them all day without any dryness. Oh well, guess having the stuff of the market is good if the stuff was so closely tied to fungal eye infections.


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I posted something about contacts myself a few weeks ago.:angry: Because I can't wear contacts myself.

I want to so bad, but it's almost like I get a migraine as soon as they touch my eye. That and they become blury. :angry: ((stomp feet))


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my diagnosis is not longer POTS, but my eyes are definitely dryer than they were in the past (as is pretty much every other area of my body). but i can still wear my contacts. i have special ones though that are the most breathable out there & definitely pay extra for them. i can't see as well in glasses (b/c of no peripheral vision) so will do anything/everything i can to stay in contacts....more for vision sake than vanity sake.

:) melissa

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