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I just wanted to say, on this five year mark since the terrorist attacks that I thank God for the men and women who daily fight for my freedom, for the EMTS and firefighters who gave it all that day in order to try and rescue as many as they could, those who sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom and to see justice prevail.

My heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones on September 11,2001. May God continue to give you strength and peace, to fill your hearts in replacing saddness with joy, and to know that your loved ones have not died in vain.

I also think of the terrorists and pray that the blinder's over their hearts and minds would be lifted, that they would be freed from the darkness and evil that consumes them, that drives them to kil, to murder.

America, We will never forget.

God Bless.

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My cousin and her husband made it out of Tower One alive...although they'll never be the same. My stepbrother was on the trading floor of the stock exchange and walked home to Queens--it took him until the next day, and until then we had no idea where he was b/c his cell phone wasn't working. My mother lost many friends and coworkers that day. As a born-and-bred New Yorker, my heart aches everytime I think about that day...and even more every time I go past where the towers used to be.

May all who need healing recieve it. Nina

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Nina -

I can't imagine what that time was like for you and the thousands of others who had their lives changed forever that day. The pain is raw for all of us, just remembering- it doesn't matter how much time has passed. The pain is deeper for those touched personally. All the images are all too real.

I must say since that time, I make a far greater effort to stay in contact with family and friends more frequently and let them know that I am thinking of them, love them and care about them. I have noticed many others who also express their feelings far more openly as well, it may have always been felt but not so openly expressed.

SO here is hugs to all of you for all your support you have given just by being here for so many!!!

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I was in shock for days afterwards as we thought we to had lost a very kind and much loved friend of ours. And even today when I see the AA sign in the sky I get emotional .

He worked for American Airlines as the maintenance director and his job was to fly from city to city 'troubleshooting ' at the airport sites , he did this all day long.

When the planes hit the towers his wife called us and said she had lost all contact with him...........we are obviously in UK and could not help her at all, which was horrendous as she has no family at all .

Two day later after us calling when we could get through, emailing anything we could ............he was found .

He had been one of the first to hear what was going down on his integral radio and was in mid air and unable to do anything but listen to the tower forwarding to him what was going on, he could say nothing to anyone on the plane, but just listen to all this on his earphone , he said he must have looked weird as he was sitting crying while he was in the air .

Him and his wife lost so many friends who worked for AA that day , he took early retirement after this and has never been the same since.

Although I'm English I still feel pain in my heart for all who lost there lives on this day and those days that followed.

I cannot hold you in my arms and comfort you , I cannot bring you hope that this will never happen again , in any country , but I can understand..............and I will always remember .


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I'll never forget the brave priest who went in the tower to comfort the brave souls who were trying to rescue more people. I really broke down when I saw the fire fighters carry his body out when he passed away---as the other tower collapsed. There wasn't a mark on him---he just looked like he was in a peaceful sleep.

I was feeling sorry for myself that day laying on the couch----feeling really crummy. I woke up at 10:00am after being up very early with my husband before he went to work. I thought it was odd that Bryant Gumbal was still on-----and I saw, what appeared to me, to be a small plane crash into a building. Then I realized they were playing back this footage---then they showed the other plane crash into the other tower---I started putting it all together---this is more then a small plane accident.

Then my Mom called and said my brother James is in the Air----He was nearing the end of his 20 years with the air force---and was supposed to be on his way to the middle east---Egypt. We were frantic because one of the hijacked jets was still in the air. Two minutes later, my mom called again and said James is OK, and the jet he was on was diverted to Deleware------and all the Air force crew had to drive back to thier bases---my brother was in Tampa at the time.

He did end up going to Egypt---and we were worried something may happen to him before he retired in 2002.

Then when I heard about the Pentagon, and the other plane crash---I just sat there and shook. I called my husbands mother, and when she told me one of the buildings collapsed---I thought that couldn't be...... then the other one went down.....

I still struggle to believe this........ My heart felt prayers goes out to all those brave firefighters, policemen----and the victims and their families.


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