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Poems About ' Pots'


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When I tell people I've got pots they smile at me and say.

How very nice for you my friend, are they all stacked away.

There not here upon the table, or in the kitchen sink.

Are they of the precious sort , and give a knowing wink.

No ,I say the pots are here , pointing up and down of me,

Its not a plate or ceral bowl , its an illness you cant see.

My head and heart are all 'carput' and my bones are very sore.

When I get really bad at times , I fall upon the floor.

You cannot see what lies beneath, you cannot feel my pain.

Please dont turn away and laugh at me , pots isn't a very nice game.

There is not cure at this time now , but hope is always high

For one fine day a cure will come , and this illness will quietly die.

Willows...............roll on that day ! OOOpps misspelled DOWN in title !!!!!!

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Loads of people have written poetry here before- if you type 'poem' into the search facility, you'll find it. There are loads of people here who write. Here's one I wrote a year ago:

Standing to leave

Closing the book, my hands turn

To ice, fingers snow white.

I see glitter rain like embers

On Guy Fawkes, or stars fragmented

At the world?s end,

Those beautiful white pages gone

Up in smoke, eddying to a non existent heaven.

The hummingbird chisels my rib cage

As I gasp to catch an absent breath

As my heart?s blade cuts

Into my arms, my throat; so sharp

As though the point had slit or slashed

The veins, and the life were ebbing away.

Lauren's had several poems published; if you have a look, you'll see why- she is an amazingly talented writer.

I wonder if one way of fundraisng would be to get a collection of poems published?

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Brill one spike, very hard to find things that fit isn't it !


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