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Inability To Sweat


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by inability i don?t mean "total inability", but I?m almost sure I don?t sweat as much as I did some weeks ago!! but how can I be sure of that? is there any symptoms associated with this condition?

i?ve just noticed I get a little warmer than before when exercising...

i just did a little bit of running(5 minutes), just to see if I would sweat... i actually did sweat a little, specially in my hips, but it was so little!!

I?m afraid this is a permanent condition, cuz i know that sweating is very important, specially to get rid of the stuff your body doesn?t need anymore...

is there anything we can do to treat it?(besides medications...)

is it likely to be permanent, or could it go away?

recently i lost the ability to cry tears...(i have what they call dry eyes), could it be related?

aaaaaaaaaaagggggh, it makes me so angry that each month my list of "symptoms"(actually they are diseases), keeps increasing

so ya, it would be awesome to hear your experiences on the subject, or stuff you read, or the doctors told ya...

i know the topic is not about dry eyes, but if must be somehow related, so feel free to talk about that too...

take care gals/guys!!!!


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hi noam

i used to sweat when i was cold, although now i think that's strange i just didn't think much of it then. after i was diagnosed with pots i stopped sweating at all and was cold almost all of the time (i took a bath about 2 times a day until i wasn't physically able to do that, to get warm again).

when we were in france this year it was so VERY hot (above 40C (sorry i'm from europe and not familiar with Fahrenheit)) i started sweating again. i was very glad that i did, as, like you, i know sweating is very important to your body. but in fact i fell worse instead of better. nowadays i'm sweating when it is extremely hot but i'm mostly getting more cold again. don't ask me why though . . . :rolleyes:

welcome around,

corina :(

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I'm more likely to sweat from anxiety or excitement than from exercise. A couple of years ago, I could do 25 minutes of aerobics without breaking a sweat, but a stressful conversation or a bad dream would leave me dripping. I have felt that there was something abnormal about that, but I can't say I've explored it at all.

I also have dry eyes. Not to the point that I can't cry tears, but there are weeks when I have to use artificial tears several times a day.

I don't really have any useful information, I guess, but it is an interesting question.

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I too have similar problems. First the eyes, I recommend seeing an opthamologist mine found some very important things. Iused to teach 4 aerobics classes a day plus stairmaster for 45 min. I had dry eye from exercise the opthamologist had me do steps in the office and then checked. This was all around the time that I crashed. No longer can I do that. I did get a soloflex vibrator platform. 10 minutes a day I am still working up to it. Its good. As for sweating I don't but I DO stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Miriam

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Inability To Sweat, how do I know if i have it?

Answer: Sweat test The test involves covering you with a powder that turns purple where there is sweat. You are then subjected to a higher than normal temperature (I forgot for how long) to see where the powder turns purple.

My neurologist performed this on me. In my case, he found some neuropathy in my toes (of all places) and who knows if this will travel up my legs?

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There is also an acetylcholine (sp?) sweat test that's more sensitive. This involves placing tiny patches of acetylcholine on parts of your skin. The acetylcholine, in a normal person, will cause you to sweat, but if you have nerve damage, you won't respond. Electrodes measure the nervous system's response to the acetylcholine.

I have a very difficult time sweating at all, that's one of the reasons heat is my worst enemy. Instead of cooling myself off by sweating like a normal person, my body just sits there overheating until I pass out.

Good luck!

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We have had a hot and VERY HUMID summer here and just watering the flowers, while in the shade and drinking icy gatorade, noticed, I NO LONGER SWEAT..not even my hairline. So i would water for 10 minutes..come in air conditioning and try again.

I got so ill one week, my room mate had to water the flowers for me. My doc said it was due to my ANS malfunctioning and too **** hot and humid, and my body couldn't handle it.

In cold weather, I sweat underarms when cold or stressed..and though my feet are cold, they sweat which feeds the coldness in bitter winter. LAYERS or lack of do not help my being cold or being hot. Have to have access to AC and fans and in winter, portable heater in my room.

With sky high utility bills, my room mate has to conserve so I have to be careful

But changes in sweat patterns is normal.

My sweat test was, I NO LONGER SWEAT when exposed to hot weather so heat exhaustion is a big issue for me.


p.s. it will be interesting to see how my body does in colder weather.

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just before i started passing out is when my amount of sweat decreased. i didn't think of that until just now. i ran 3 miles in 21 minutes, at parris island, sc in may and i hardly had any sweat. the drill instructor even hollered at me saying i wasn't running hard enough since i didn't even break a sweat and threatened to punish me. okay i was in front of every female. i was the first one in out of 80!

dionna :)

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