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Morgan Got Her Pacemaker Today


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Her husband just posted for her elsewhere and said she got thru the procedure ok except for lots of nausea.

But hopefully she will feel better what with being neglected by doctors for way too long, and having hr in the mid 30's!!

Hopefully, she will regain some of her old spark as she has felt dreadful for several months.

Just wanted to share the great news for those who know her.

Rest, well, Morgan and I hope you get home tomorrow as planned.



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Thank you, Sophia, for keeping us posted on both Morgan and Jan...You are very kind to do that.

I have yet to have had energy to respond to either of them...;) but they have been in my thougths continously.

I must hit the hay, but just saw your post....

I, too, hope this will help morgan feel a bit more (even better a LOT more) like a human being again. She is dear to me and so many others here. The board is never the same when she is away.

Most importantly though...is my hope that this will bring her some relief from the absolute heck she has been through...the scary unknowns, the inability to get much needed quality medical attention, etc.

I hope so much that she will start to feel more like herself and regain some quality of life--of which I know so much has been lost in these past few months. Her downward slide has been scary for us all and I hope this helps...

I'm probably not making a whole lot of sense at this moment...but I am sure you get my drift...I am ready to really hit the hay!

Much love to Morgan of Covered Wagon Land, (I was thinking that made it sound much more romantic, you know, like Anne of Green Gables or Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm??? Okay, lame attempt at humor)


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Morgan, I hope they installed a pacer with the built in iPOD. That way, you will beat in style. All kidding aside, the pacer should only make you feel better.

From one pacer user to another--heed the doctor's advice and do not move your arm/shoulder on the pacer side. I must have done something and I had to have mine redone as the leads were not working properly.

What kind did you get?

Lois ;)

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Hope you feel better soon!!! Let us know if the pacemaker helps. :huh:

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I hope you have a fast recovery, and start feeling better soon. what are they setting the pacer at? I am set working on what is best for me. Right now I am pacing at 70 beats per min.

Take care!

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Thanks so much, to sophia for the update and all the well wishes! They are much appreciated.

The med nurse way overdosed me, so I was really sick, then they didn't get me my potassium, so I was paralyzed. I am so glad to be home!!!!!

The doctor was really wonderful, and very good, he took good care of me, it was just everyone else messing up!

They had a very hard time getting the pacer to fit, so it's really much sorer and a lot more bruised than expected, but my breast implant, as it affectionately known as around here, (it is probably bigger than my breast!) is working well, it has already been working and I haven't gone below 60.

Lois, it is set at 60, and I called them and told them I wanted a medtronic, so that's what he gave me. It's a dual chamber, demand. So I really appreciate all the input. Everyone said medtronic and he said they were actually his favorite because they are so easy to work with, except for tight fits!

I am feeling a bit worse than I expected, but it may just be due to med scew ups and things, so when I am better will begin catching up, hopefully.

Again, thanks for the well wishes and support. sixtyandbeatingmorgan

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