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I Made It 2 Whole Months Whithout Actually Fainting.


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I have been crying all morning. I am so upset!

When I went to Boston Medical Center on June 6 this year, I passed out in the cafeteria of the building next door. Since this was also a medical building, they ignored my husbands and my moms request to not call 911. I did get in to see him, and he tripled my daily midodrine.

While I will not rehash that story it is important because when I finally did get into my appointment, my Dr. informed me he was taking my license away until I was not fainting for 6 months. I had already stopped driving by my own choice, because at the time I was fainting up to 3 times a day.

I am so sad today. I passed out yesterday, and now I need to do 6 more months of not driving. I know it is my fault for overextending myself and that makes it worse. The kids began school Tuesday. I made an appointment for myself to go to the therapist. Not being able to drive, I took the Para transit van. I could do this I was sure. They have a wheelchair lift, so I just rolled up to the van, rode the lift and went to the Dr's. I even stayed in the chair rather than risk passing out during a transfer to another chair. The van picked me up and brought me home. That is when the problem began. I had no way to get the wheelchair into the house! I had forgotten to plan ahead to get into my house. I had 3 choices, the worst and easiest was leave the wheelchair on my front lawn, and go up the stairs bu** first. Next easiest was put the wheelchair into my minivan and still go up the stairs on my bu**. Last and hardest was to lift my wheelchair onto my porch.

Wednesday I had some friends over for lunch. I knew I couldn?t clean, but I did want to sweep up the dog hair. Once I did and got out lunch, they took over and we ate. They were bringing me to a meeting we all needed to attend. This time, they took care of the wheelchair, and they were doing most of the pushing. When I got home, I took a nap. I was tired.

My kids woke me up yelling? the bus driver won?t let Niko off the bus, you need to come out?

I had been expecting him home, and had a bottle of Gatorade on the bed table. The kids scared me out of a sound sleep, and I jumped up. When I got to the door, I passed out. When

I came to; I was half on my front porch, and half inside my front door. I hit both the screen door and the front door on my way down. My oldest said I bounced off the screen door, and hit the back door before I hit the floor.

The only silver lining is that my DH has agreed to get a wheelchair ramp for the house. Until now he did not get that sometimes just standing up to go up the front stairs was enough. He felt that being in the wheelchair the rest of the time should be enough so I could get in the door myself.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the $$ and the labor to build one. He was so adimate we didn?t need one, I never did any work on actually building it.


Mom to 4 kids

Broc SDiT

Teach your children well, they will decide your future!

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congratulations on making it two entire months! the doctor actually took them? my doc just told me to not drive. i was still in the USMC so i had to listen since it was a direct order. i sold my car shortly afterwards and of course no one else wants me driving theirs. i still have my liscence though. i even renewed it. i kinda lied- okay i straight up lied- on the papers i had to fill out but if i do make it the 6 months i just don't want to have to take all the tests over again. plus i use the liscense when writing checks and for another form of ID. if it makes you feel any better though you aren't alone with this. i had made it 3 months one time. i was 1/2 way there and then out of no where i was fainting all the time. i was bedridden for 2 months straight. i guess i had it coming though. usually i can make it 2 weeks before i faint and then it will be an all day and all week thing. i hope yours isn't like that. i think that the ramp idea is great. would your insurance or anythign like that pay for it since it is a necessity? atleast i think it is a necessity. i am never by myself when i go outside of the house so who ever can always help me up the stairs and put my wheel chair back in the house. you obviously don't have that. i think it is great that the van can pick you up and take you home though. i have to rely on who ever i can to take me somewhere.

good luck to you and i hope you make it for the next six months! just be careful if you do. :)

dionna :blink:

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