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Beta Blocker For Low Bp?


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I got the results of my tilt and nuclear stress test.

Failed tilt = drink more fluids/salt, zebeta 2.5 mg at night.

nuclear = negative. Heart @ 73% capacity. Normal is anything over 50%. ?????

I tried betablockers years ago and would just about pass out because they lowered my BP too much. I do NOT want a repeat of it. Seems like if you BP bottoms out you should raise the BP rather than lower it, so now I'm confused.

I also get headaches and when I check my BP with my husbands bp monitor it's high. Wouldn't more salt make that a problem?

After not seeing a doctor for 10 yrs and the same games of going in the wrong direction with medications, I am SO disgusted. I asked the nurse if the zebeta would cure my fatigue and dizzies that I have every day. She said, well no it won't cure everything. So...***?!! How about telling me why I have these nasty symptoms and give me some direction to cure them. I am so disgusted!

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i am on BB inderal........

i was also taking MOtrin...a NSAID......which apparently makes BP GO UP.......AND MADE MINE SPIKE TOO HIGH WHEN TAKING IT W/THE bb-inderal.

bottom line----i came off the motrin/nsaid.......and feel so much better===and NO MORE HIGH BP SPIKING!!!!!

on all BB's i've tried===nsaid's====are written under the medication interaction section.....on med review from pharmacy.

perhaps this pertains to you, and can help????

am so glad i figured it out, as NEVER HAD HIGH BP before......[arghhhhhh]]]]]]



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I have low BP which causes the tachycardia so I take midodrine and mestinon and by raising my BP, my heart slows down on its own. I think for some BB's work, for others, they exaccerbate their symptoms. I'm one from the latter group...When I did the med trial at Vandy, they one beta blocker they tried on me sent my resting blood pressure down to 80/30!!!! When I tried to stand, it bottomed out so we had to stop the trial for that day. It was godawful! But fortunately I now know I do best on meds that vasoconstrict.

I think the only way for you to know how you'll do is to try different meds. I was very, very sick at vanderbilt so my reaction was abnormal. Hopefully if you do have a poor reaction to BB's it'll only be mild.

Good luck!


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