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A "holy (ie) Husband"

Dawg Tired

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Yesterday morning hubby went outside for a while - I had just given one of the kitties a bath and was sitting with her all cuddled up in a towel. Hubby runs in yelling he needed medical help... NOW!!

I went to the kitchen and there he was, standing over the sink with blood dripping from his hand.... I was, at first, afraid he had got into his table saw. But no - he had been drilling a hole in a board, was holding with the left hand and holding the drill in the right hand - figuring, of course, that he would move the hand before the drill got all the way through.... but he miscalculated and drilled into his hand - with a wood bit!

OK.... wood bit = a wide metal bit instead of a little round one - this one was 1/4" wide.

So... here we are at the sink - blood running all over. I told him to let it bleed freely for a few minutes to let it get out any bacteria and wood chips that would. I finally applied some gentle pressure and got it bandaged, called our doctor - of course he had to go to the clinic - the doctor cleaned it up some more and told him that I would have to rebandage it because he couldn't do as good as I did...

So, it happened to be the day for him to go to the neurologist anyway, so when we went to the neuro Hubby was telling him about it and he told Hubby that is a MAN thing.... the neuro's nurse told us that her brother had nailed his foot to the floor with a nail gun. Oh well!!

The hand is better today....

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gayla! i am so sorry for your husband! man that must have hurt!!! you did a great job though with your bandage, so here's a hurray for you!!! i do hope your husband will be in less pain today and that his wound will heel (heal???) soon!

corina B)

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i feel bad for him. i know that had to hurt and i know it was scary for both of you. i sliced a piece of my thumb off with a butcher knife at the restraunt i worked at while making salads. a lot of veggies got thrown away... let me tell you...

dionna :rolleyes:

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