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Anyone Ever Taken Ketek Antibiotic


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I usually always ask pharmacist before i pick up a med, but I wasn't feeling well and husband did the pick-up and I didn't think to tell him to ask. I was reading the info pamphlet and it had a blurb at the very end that said " contact your doctor if visual problems interfere with your daily activities or if fainting occurs"

Does this med mess with BP?

Has anyone every taken it?

I am going to wait till I find out from pharmacist before I take it. It's so stressful always having to be the watch dog for yourself. I am always afraid some med will make me worse and I'll pass out, as I've had a few in the past almost do it and the doc should have known better.


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Hi Kim

I've taken Ketek two different times for sinus infections. Never experienced any problem what so ever with it. I did take it with food though to avoid any possible stomach upset on my part. No visual problems were noticed either for me.

I like that particular antibiotic myself better than others I've taken in the past.

good luck

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i haven't taken that drug, i don't think, but if any meds have possible side effects of light-headedness or dizziness or if it says anything about fainting. i just put myself in the bed. oh and if it can upset your stomach--- it will do it to mine. so i totally agree with you. oh yeah and i always ask the prescribing doctor if the medication will lower blood pressure or anything like that. if so i tell them to try again cause i won't take it. a little nicer than that though. hope all is working out for you.

dionna :)

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