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My Feet Swelled Up And Tiny Veins Bleed.


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I've been in bed again for a couple of days unwell ^_^

I kept waking in the night before this happened with sore fronts to my feet and a tingle sharp feelings on and off all night.

Anyhow , woke up , dragged myself out of bed feeling rather 'blah' sweaty and head-achy again and struggled to walk.

Looked down ;) and my feet and ankles were twice the size................looked down to inspect them closer as couldnt make out what I was looking at and .....................WOW :P

The fronts of both my feet , from my toes to my ankle bones where covered in what I can only describe is 'tiny little needle marks under the skin' .......................... :D hubby got down to inspect them and agreed ' yep, dear it looks like in the night the tiny blood vessels as small as a needle mark have come to the surface and burst all over your feet , how strange'

I actually look like I've been hit by a load of sharp pins all over the fronts of my feet , there not sore , not raised and not bleeding under the skin , I haven't worn anything sharp unless you can count pure lambs wool socks :) .................there all very red now that the swelling has almost gone .

Has anyone else had this happen to them? on any part of the body , at any time ???????

Willows ........... looking like she' had 'trolls feet attached overnight '

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Hi Willows :)

First off...missed your step-daughters wedding pictures!! I was out of town when they were posted...perhaps you can post them on the DINET photo website???

But the needleprick marks...could they be petechiae?? I get those a lot but I have autoimmune bleeding issues. They are little tiny broken blood vessels and look like red freckles. If my bleeding issues are active, I even get them on my upper arm just from having my blood pressure taken. :)

They don't really hurt, but there is some tenderness to them......

I wouldn't want to diagnose anyone's symptoms, but it just sounded awfully familiar.


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My friends thank you both so much. :)

I had forgotten that when I to have my blood pressure taken I bleed at times.

The photograph is EXACTLY what happened to my feet ..............pat on the back, big hugs, and a big well done to you :)

I shall be seeing my local doctor ( the one who's still reading up on this subject) and show her the article and my feet .

I'm sure she will also be rather shocked that someone on the site has diagnosed me ..............applause all round to you .

As for the photo's if you email me at ............willowbrooke@fsmail.net

I will send you a selection of the photo's as we have tried but cannot seem to get them onto the dinet site

( hubby's not that good at this time ) .

Ami aka Willows.

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Hope this issue has cleared up for you. I have had petechiae twice, for no good reason except maybe that I was taking a baby aspirin every other day. Best to get this checked out because it may be a sign of an underlying problem.


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Hi Calypso............. :D just remembered thats the name of a song !!! now I'll be singing it all night in my head.

Right start again............Hello Calypso , my feet are now trolls feet I've decided , I've renamed then as yep its still here and getting worse :blink: I've now a large blue vein of about 3 inches in length and 1/2 to 1 inch wide on the front of my left foot as well as those 'spots' in fact it looks like a big spider has 'tap danced ' itself around my foot having fallen into a pot of red paint .

Oh ! that reminds me ............got really hot the other night again , sweating like mad all over and as per usual had struggled to take my Pj's' off .

well I was laying there in my birthday suit and I thought I had a trickle of sweat run down my hip bone .............except it ran back up again :) then turned towards my thigh and ran down it to my knee :blink: by this point I was whacking and smacking me, the bed , the bed clothes ........you name it I whacked it .

Light went on and hubby sat there looking rather 'bemused' as I tried to stand up still whacking everything I could ! ! ! we found it ???? a nice big spider AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! !

Spider season again guys............yuck , shudder, cringe


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I went out today for a BIG change, took my son and his best mate ( hubby to ) to the national aquarium in Plymouth .

Its all undercover , plenty of seats for me to plonk onto and nice and cool in there, wonderful I thought.

Came out after about an hour and a half , walked towards the car and .........'ping' :o .............OUCH ! ! ! the blood vessel on my 'right hand ring finger second joint up went ', very fast ......blood poured into the finger from the vessel making it stiff and soooooo painful , sort of ultra stingy and hot :huh:

So there I was trying to push down on the finger slightly bent over when ............'ping'......OUCH ! ! another went on the front of my left foot towards the left side ...............OUCH ! with a capital O.

We came home very quickly , onto the bed feet in the air ...... by then sweating slightly and feeling like I'd been attacked on the foot and hand by a huge jelly fish, so tired by then and in need of sleep .

Never mind , son and his mate had a wonderful time and that was what it was all about , my son having some fun for a change instead of being stuck around here and a mum who's ill.

I've had a long sleep now ( 6.30 pm here , so about 4 1/2 hours sleep)

My fingers soft again , but the joint ( inside ) is sore and purple bruised and my foot is bright red and the vein is rather squished !!!!

Ah.......the joys of having 'POTS' my friends .......dont you just love it ............NOT :huh:

Willows..........just thought I must have looked very strange in the car park when I was just walking along then sort of squawked ' ahhhhh' ....... bent over mumbling and squarking about bl**** hands again ,then hopping as the foot went ........... followed by hubby and son trying to get me into the car as quickly as they could ..............must have looked a bit like a Monty pythons epic , or a mad woman with a pink stick .!

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Things are not good here at this time, I look like I've been in a fight with someone and come of the worst.

The vein in my knee went last night and I'm finding it very painful to walk , so hubby and I have strapped it up to give me some support .

I'm sure that this sweating again is something to do with the amount of veins that have gone now .........crikey what next ????

All I hope is that one doesnt go on my tongue again, that really is the pits and SO painful and horrible to try getting hold off to stop ...............quasi mo-do eat your heart out guys :wub:


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Troll feet here speaking to you from her grotto........... AKA willows at home !

My feet now seem to have taken on a will of there own and I just hope I dont wake up one morning to find that I've grown hair all over them and am turning into some sort of animal :blink:

I've now got my 'pin- prick-itis 'starting to go up my legs and on top of this I'm getting sharp pricks in the front of my feet at the most unacceptable times ............sitting quietly watching TV .............jab OUCHHHHHHH! ! that makes me jump and my legs to fly upright into the air hitting all and sundry around me , :)

Then just drifting off to sleep for a nap in the afternoon .........jab OUCHHHHHHH! ...........of course I squawk like a headless chicken ( do headless chickens squawk I now ask myself ???) and Mike comes rushing into the room shouting 'what , what' ready to grab my GTN spray and spring into action . :)

I now look like I have on a pair of 'red doted socks' which are full of holes ...........mind you this may make the neighbours take pity on me thinking I can only afford holey socks of a strange colour and different lengths ..............must make a note;................ check letter box for wooly socks being placed by anonymous donors in the next week or so.

But in real terms guys I have come to the conclusion I dont like this at all , so which ever part of my brain or body thought this one up to give me a bit of something to do on at a quiet time , well it can jolly well take it back .............thank you !

Willows........... :P

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