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Steroids / Pregnancy


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So my GP just did a research on my meds... (I'm figuring out how to balance my meds and do what's 'safest' for me/baby for a pregnancy somewhere down the road when we decide to have kids). He wasn't concerned with most of them, except the Florinef.

(My OBGYN wasn't familiar with Florinef, so she looked it up in her book and read how it worked (keeping sodium levels up, etc...). She said it didn't sound particularly worrisome and I should stay on it if it helps me be much healthier than without it.)

But my GP researched my meds this week and found that Florinef (a steroid) is considered to be a bit riskier than the other meds I am on because it may heighten the risk of the baby having facial palettes. Isn't that interesting?? Has anyone ever heard this??

Of course I am going to try to go off it and see how I do (I'm only on .05 mg/day). But it was such a surprise to me (about the facial palette risk), Just thought I'd throw it out there for discussion.....

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Someone on here took florinef during pregnancy. Hope she responds. Others may have experience, but the bottom line, I think, is you need to take the advice of doctors regarding medication--and sometimes this means they need to talk together--to fully evaluate risks and benefits. This is going to be different for different people. Hope you don't have to use meds during pregnancy, but since you might, good for you to research and talk to doctors before planning a pregnancy. Good luck.


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