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Throat Spasm/choking


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hi folks

yesterday morning after i woke up i went intot he bathroom to brush my teeth... suppose to be a simple task right??? NO NOT REALLY IN POTSY world!

So i was rinsing with listerine.. then i brushed my teeth.. rinsed again... only as i was rinsing.. my throat started making these sponaneous noises...( that i normal get a shortly before i paralysis or faint.. or somethings just because).. while anyyways.. my throat started doing that...as i was spitting out water.... and next thing i knew.. a drop.. just like a drop of water.. went down my throat.. as my crazy throat was doing those noises...and i started choking.. on a drop of water.. that blows my mind..

but anyhow.. i was choking on the drop of water.. and i could not breath..and i could feel my esopaugus thigtening... one thing lead to another.. and i started vomiitting.. meanwhile the vomiting was making it even more harder to breath...it was like my throat was just shut down..

and my lungs started to burn really bad.. like they used to.. when that witchie gym teacher in middle school woukld make me run the mile.. UGH..but there was burning in my lungs... and i started to see these yellow (i call them lightening bugs) and black dot things floating around my eyes and and head.. and my vision started to dim and get that black ring around my eyes.. the shrinks in around you..i was on the floor at this point... still throwing up..and still not being able to breath...I actually am not certain if i blacked out or not... but i do know that after i got the ring of darkness that.. after that i stopped choking and was able to brath agin...

not done with freaky throat things but i could breath... after that.. for the next 45 minutes or so I as burping alot.. and that burpping lead to you guesses it!! more vomitting!

then the rest of the on the couch.. feeling totally ill..

my question for you all.. do any of you get funny noises coming from your throat..that are spontaneous? meaning tht it just does it? and why??

thanks for listening to me vent and ask my questions.. was kinda of scary yesterday.. that has happened ebfore but not to the degree that it did yesterday.. yesterdays was bad...and more severe

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Not the noises but I get the choking, oh so many times a day. Because of it I now have a very poor gag reflex and always seem to be heaving or vomiting on something, even my own spit! I get an awful rush of heat up my body , into my head and down my arms, my arms hurt so much and feel weak and tingy. My head hurts so bad it feels like it'll explode and of course the gasping for breath.

It's really not nice. Some days I go without any choking fits, others I can have probably 20 a day. I can sympathise.

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