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Bad Reaction To Singulair


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I have asthma and tried Singulair a few years ago. I had a couple of bad episodes with my heart racing after I took it so I was afraid to take it again.

Recently I became concerned about using my steroid inhaler every day and decided to give Singulair a try again. My allergist gave me the 5mg chewable tablets to try (the same one my son takes who is 7).

The first three nights I cut the pill in half. That went pretty well. Last night I took the whole 5mg and I woke up at 1:00 a.m. with my heart racing. I tried bearing down and that helped for a few minutes but then my heart rate would shoot right back up. Then came the chills and shaking. It was really bad for about an hour then it settled down a little. I got very little sleep the whole night. This is so discouraging!

I get so sick and tired of not being able to take hardly any medicines because my body is SOOOOOO sensitive to meds. ;)

I just had to vent a little...


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sorry about the frustration with meds. i used to take singulair and didn't have a problem, but i can certainly relate to medication frustrations. (i am hugely iron deficient but can't get the infusions b/c it sends my body into hemolysis, i was trying a new treatment (IVIG) and now have to stop b/c my liver has essentially rejected it as a toxic substance, etc, etc.)

i don't have any grand words of advice other to hang in there, knowing that's often easier said than done.

;) melissa

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