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I recently started Lyrica- I've been on it for almost 2 weeks now. It has been helping a little with the pain (my feet don't feel like they are on fire at night anymore) but I think it is making me dizzier. I've had a few very bad days lately but as my symptoms are always so unpredictable, I'm not sure if it is related to the drug so I plan to continue taking it for now. Let me know how it works for you.

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I've been taking Lyrica for the past month, and see my GP later today. He prescribed Lyrica to get me off the constant Vicodin I've been taking for the massive leg pain I'm constantly in.

Anyway, I found that the Lyrica is making me very dizzy, which I plan to discuss at my appointment. I hope there is something else I can try that won't make me dizzy (dizzier) than I am/was before the Lyrica. I was actually down and in bed because of the dizziness for about 4 days before I just cut the dose in half (which I'm sure I'll get yelled at by my doctor for doing)........ and the smaller dose didn't make me AS dizzy as I had been (but still dizzy to varying degrees on different days).

I'll let you know if there's some sort of alternative he suggest I take, and then keep you abreast of my reaction to it.

It's no fun having all this pain, and I realize that taking Vicodin (6 pills a day) on a daily basis isn't good for me either, but there has to be something to relieve the agony!!!

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wow- i just did a search on the forum for this drug before reading the new posts and here someone has asked the same question--- thanks

I just came home from physiatrist, who also prescribed Lyrica today for pain and I was also wondering peoples experiences. I am very concerned about the dizziness as I have this as a severe symptom already. My other concern was taking it with the other meds I am on. There are always horrible side affects listed, arrythmia, dizziness, etc. I am rather scared to try it.

I am currently on atenolol and klonopin as well as protonix. Worry about added combo.

What is the dose that most are taking. She suggested I start at 50mg 1xday due to past hx with meds and then keep increasing--

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I took 50mg 3 times a day for the first week and then increased to 100mg 3 times a day after that. (sunday will be 2 weeks) I was told there was no interactions with the other meds I'm on (midodrine, zofran ODT, ativan, and sometimes vicodin). I'm going to stay on it and next week I have an appointment where I'm going to discuss my concerns over the increased dizziness.

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As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was going to discuss my dizziness with my doctor at today's appointment.

The Lyrica seemed to help some (not a bunch though) with my pain, so the doctor suggested we fool around with the dosage and when I'm taking the Lyrica. Instead of 75 mg twice a day, I'll now start taking 50 mg's three times a day.

He also added Florinef to my list of meds, because I told him about how dizzy the Lyrica was making me. I also told him that my legs are still very very painful and I've seen an increase in muscle spasms above the knee since starting on Lyrica. The doc thinks that the leg pain and muscle spasms might be more related to Fibromyalga than to my POTS.

Anyway......... I came home with a new dose of Lyrica and an altogether new script of Florinef.

I'm going to post now to see about others reactions or successes with the Florinef.

I hope that the Lyrica works for you and that you find a dose and plan that will not dramatically send you into "dizzy land".


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is lyrica just for nerve pain or any kind of pain, like bone? thanks



Lyrica is for nerve pain (at least that's my understanding). I also have deep aching (bone type) pain in my legs, which isn't at all relieved by the Lyrica. My doc said that the deep aching pain in my legs is probably due to my fibromyalga, rather than the blood pooling due to POTS. So, I'm having to take Lyrica and vicodin to help curb the pain in my legs.

Hope that all made sense?!

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