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Magnesium Iv Treatments


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I've been seeing a doctor of osteopath, who is a m.d. also along with my cardio. My intracellular levels of magnesium came back below normal. He told me it would take months and months of oral magnesium, which I have been doing for years, to get it to budge even a bit so he suggested iv cocktail of mag and vit c and I think some b vitamins. A Meyers cocktail I believe. This is supposedely to help push up the mag level more quickly and then the oral mag becomes maintenance. I would need a few of this IV's.

A little nervous about having this done. I know it might sound out there but I have read on the web of some having this done and having good results.

Thanks ;)

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I've had magnesium IV's in the hospital...not sure if the reg salive IV is what makes a difference or the Mag. IV...?!

Goodluck with it! ;)

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I have read about magnesium IVs to abort asthma attacks and even heart attacks (I am guessing vasospastic type and not blockage type, but I don't remember which). Many functional medical specialists feel that magnesium is one of the most overlooked and important deficiencies.

Your DO may well be on the right track for you. I hope so.


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i get magnesium daily via IV in my TPN. so....not the same "cocktail" as there is a lot else in my "mix" but i do know that magnesium is considered pretty safe/ benign....in comparison to, say, iron infusions.

;) melissa

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Thanks. I had the mag cocktail today. Feels a bit strange. I feel a warmth sensation and he told me that was normal, as well as I had read that too. He said he may just do the mag w/saline and forgo the other mix next time. I just had a little pain when he would push about 4cc/s in and then I could feel it hurt/burn in my vein right at the site of the butterfly.


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this is SO SO wierd that you mentioned this........i was seeing a DO who ran the same testing (an oral swab to the mouth) that said that my magnesium levels were/are low too. i have read a million things about magnesium and how a lot of people who have MVP have a low magnesium level which some docs think cause the tissue of the MV to be more redundant and also causes more tachyarrythmia's in some people more so than others with MVP WITHOUT magnesium deficiency ........the low magnesium levels are thought to cause calcification of soft tissue (the mitral valve itself, which can cause redundancy of the tissue) .........seriously, google it....type in "MVP and magnesium" and see what pops up............

i pulled this info off of one website :

"A magnesium deficiency:

hinders the mechanism by which fibroblasts degrade defective collagen (connective tissue abnormalities are common in mitral valve prolapse),

increases circulating catecholamines (an important mediator in platelet aggregation),

predisposes the patient to cardiac arrhythmias, thromboembolic phenomena, and dysregulation of the immune and autonomic nervous systems."

i didnt have the IV replacement therapy like the DO wanted me to have, only because my insurance wouldnt cover a lot of it................plus my electrophysiologist thought it wasnt "main stream" medicine, and he is the type that isnt all that in to anything that is off the beaten path from "typical" medical diagnostics/intervetion..............

so who knows if it would help or not. i couldnt believe that you posted this though, as i have read a lot of magnesium deficiency, MVP, and tachycardia.........(i noticed in your signature that you have MVP)........

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