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Lexapro For Adrenaline Rushes?


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Well today my regular physician (not my cardio as I see him for my TSH levels) gave me a trial pack of a drug called Lexapro to hopefully help the awful adrenaline rushes that seem to follow activity or being startled or not sleeping enough, etc. So here's my question... anyone else take Lexapro and have they seen it helping with tachy, chills, etc? Just wanted to do some research before I pop another new med. I'm still suppose to continue on the Diltiazem but not the Atneolol as that gave me worse skips/extra beats. Thanks for input!


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Hi Tammy,

I've been taking it for a little over a month now. I had to play around with dose since even 5mg gave me some yucky side effects so I broke the pill down more,which is not an easy feat since it falls apart. I asked my cardio to rx me the liquid and that is what I have been taking since. I take 2mg now and did not notice any bad side effects but I did notice it has helped quell the surges. When they do happen, which has been less often, they have not been as intense. My cardio is the one who suggested the ssri. My heartrate seems to be more manageable in the low 100's rather than 120,130's and the chills that I had afterward, always had afterwards, have really not happened, even the before chills have been very slight and it seems that sometimes the full blown surge has been aborted. (Knock on wood it stays this way).

I would say give it a try. I don't know how much he gave you to start but perhaps if you want to start lower and work your way up that may be the way to go, break the pills or ask for the liquid.

I told my cardio, I don't know if the lexapro is what is helping, but I am not willing to cut it out now to see if it really is or not. It is such a baby dose I am taking but hey, I am not going to mess with it. :P

Good luck ;)

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