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Achy Achy Achy Ouch!


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hey y'all-

don't know if i overdid it, am having "monthly" related stuff or am actually sick or it's "just" POTS?

i'm aching EVERYWHERE like never before--i mean it really *hurts,* seriously--and nothing seems to be helping...i've tried stretching, a "warm-er" shower, advil...no luck. :(

i'd appreciate any ideas! anyone????


lulu :)

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Ouch, I feel for you! I know that when i overdo it i ache all over, sometimes for days. It slowly seeps away but I can't fast track it. I also feel heaps worse when it's that time of the month, so I take pain relief then. I rest, put my legs up, keep up the fluids (as always). I tried going for a little walk to try and work it off but it was too hard. Hope you feel better soon :)

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Guest dionna

i know just what you mean. i don't know of anything that will take the pains away immediately but i always lay down in a cool envroment and convince my man to give me a massage. i also take plenty of motrin and once i used his sleeping med ceraquil (spelling check please). ooops. i know it wasn't prescribed to me but... hey it is a muscle relaxer and it knocked me out so i was not in so much pain. so that is an idea. perhaps you could get a doctor to prescribe you with some muscle relaxer or something like that- perhaps not actually a sleeping med. good luck and i hope you find something that works for you.

dionna :D

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