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Benzene In Beverage Alert


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From my consumer guy, John Matarese, Don't Waste Your Money syndicated across the country. I have met him and he is for real!


Reported and Web Produced by: John Matarese

Updated: 08/30/06 17:53:22

In the beverage aisle, you may check for calories.

You're probably not looking for ingredients like "sodium benzoate" or "ascorbic acid." But a new report says these ingredients can combine to form a potential cancer causer.

Our partner, Consumer Reports magazine, tested drinks containing sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C.

The magazine says if left out in heat and light, those compounds can create benzene.

Consumer Reports found higher than normal benzene levels in Crystal Light Sunrise, Classic Orange, Fanta Orange and Pineapple sodas, and Sunkist Orange soda ...After they sat in a warm, bright room.

The magazine says you may want to avoid beverages containing sodium or potassium benzoate along with Vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

P.S. Here is a link about the Consumer report deal as well



I PERSONALLY worry it's a plastic container issue. Bottled water can develop chemicals in it thru time and exposure to heat...how about we put things in GLASS AGAIN.

Why should it be saved for beer and wine drinkers only? :)

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