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Happy Birthday Corina!


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Well, according to my fancy schmancy watch, it is officially Corina's birthday....

I've got one of those watches with the face that has the option to set two time zones, so, since I can never remember if our European PotsPals are 6-7 hours AHEAD of us or BEHIND us, I've got my watch set to keep track of this!

So, I think Corina should be sleeping soundly hopefully, as it is about 5 am there and she is now officially the birthday girl!


(Can you hear my glorious singing all the way in the Netherlands? hahahahahahaha)

You are a gift to this forum and to so many of us. It is amazing how this forum has brought us all together.

You have an amazing, amazing spirit and love of life that is absolutely contagious.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and perhaps are able to spend some of it out in the garden...

Wish we could all be there with you in your garden, drink some tea and eat cake!

Love, Emily

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Beste Corina, Teri en ik wens u de gelukkigste verjaardag. Ik hoop dat het komende jaar u veel betere gezondheid brengt! Met liefde, Nina

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ohhhhhh thank you, thank you, thank you (nina, you did it again, you almost made me cry!!!!).

thanks so much guys, i am sooooo happy today BECAUSE (drumroll . . . . .)

my husband bought me GAYLA'S BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to read it soooo much and tried to bid on it during the auction and now i've got it!!!! thank you sooooo much gayla for your sweet card and the book thingie (forgot the name, sorry) and all the efforts it must have cost you!!!!!! my husband also gave me a beautidul bracelet (tendora) which is too difficult to explain right now and (drumroll again . . .)

took me to my favourite restaurant at the sea where we had lunch (couldn't do dinner because that is too much for me in time i mean). and although it rained cats and dogs (see emily, i'm learning :D ) i had a really GREAT day.

my sons gave me stuff to take a bath (which i LOVE) and a beautiful pen, and my sister in law (who helped me with the fairy cards) gave me two beautiful candles and her daughter bought me my favourite roses. can you believe it???!!! i feel so spoiled!!! and all your birthday wishes make it even better. so thanks again, as you will understand, i'm off to bed now :D

love, and an extra thanks to emily who was the first today to congratulate me!!!!!!!!!!

corina :D

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U bent zo zeer welkome Corina. Ik hoop ??n of andere dag om u persoonlijk te ontmoeten -- als u aan de staten komt, gelieve te plannen bij het blijven bij ons huis. Wij hebben hier altijd ruimte voor u en uw familie. Gelukkige Verjaardag aan U!!

And, anyone who wants to translate can go to http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr

:D nina

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corina! i'm sorry that i am late but still wanted to send you birthday wishes for a wonderful day and year to come. i too hope that this year brings better health and many wonderful memories...it sounds like your birthday itself was wonderful (despite the raining cats & dogs :P ).

B) melissa

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