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I finally got a referral today from my PCP and got up enough nerve to get an appointment at University Hospital in Cleveland with Dr. Chelimsky's colleague (sic). His name is Dr. Alshekhlee. My appointment is in October. I was just wondering if anybody has seen either of these doctors and how was their experience?

Thanks for any information,


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I have seen both doctors. I like Dr. Alshaklee for some things but I trust Dr. Chelimski with my life. He is the man you want to see. He has been my Autonomic Doc for 2 years. He is the best in Cleveland for Autonomic Disorders. Great bedside manners and he should be a comedian.

I had a bad experience with alshaklee 8years ago. My symptoms would have been diagnosed if he had known more about autonomic disorders. His attitude was "it is all in your head" He has become more educated and as a neuro goes he is ok but Chelimski is the best.

Both guys are involved in a study together right now.

My sister has an appt with Dr. C this up coming week. We both have the same symptoms.

I would feel comfortable telling you to see Dr. A but I am strongly urging you to follow up with Dr. C.

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i have not seen dr. a but have seen dr. chelimsky. he, dr. shields (the head of the autonomic lab at cleveland clinic), and dr. grubb are my "autonomic team" of sorts and work together. dr. chelimsky knows my GI/motility doc at UH which has been very helpful in terms of coordination for me. i do like dr. chelimsky but his office is not so easy to work with. and appointments are not easy to come by even as an established patient.

personally i can't envision having "just" one of any of my docs b/c they all bring something different to the table but my body is also far from the "normal" dysautonomia picture to the extent that all of my docs also want all of the other docs involved; i don't know if this would generally be the case.

ultimately if you've never seen an autonomic specialist i think seeing someone sooner rather than later would be my vote...

;) melissa

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I have an appointment with dr. Alshakee in september. My usual POTS doctor is Dr. Grossman. But he is very ill And I won't be able to see him until January!! So he advised I see this doc till I see him. I did have a pretty bad flare up a few weeks ago. After 4 years of feeling better. But I'm now feeling better again. Still a little tired after the flare up...But I'm still gonna see the doc...Them appointments are hard to get ..

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I was dx'd by Dr. A in January. After the autonomic testing, he pulled me and my husband aside, gave me the dx and told me that he'd be sending the results to my GP, who I should follow up with.

He seemed to know what he was talking about, but down played my symptoms and told me to have gastric bypass surgery to eliminate some of my symptoms. (WHAT??????)

Needless to say, I haven't discussed the bypass surgery with my GP, and am not sure if I want to subject my body to that kind of trauma any time soon. Granted I have to lose some weight, and am horribly exercise intolerant, but surgery?

I know that you will find the team of Dr. A or Dr. C very professional........... I just hope they don't pawn you off to your normal GP for your regular POTS care.

Hope it all works out for you!

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I also had the DOc you will see at University...I called him about symptoms a while back...and he was on call and he told me"POTS IS NOT DISABLING" needless to say I never returned I was in dire neeed of help from him and that is what he had to say...and also SOB is not a symptom of DYS... I was quite T'd off and said "IS it not DISABLING FOR YOU"???

At first I thought he was nice but since changed my opinion.

I am trying to get into Chelimsky...sad thing is I am from CLeveland area.


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I was evaluated by the syncope clinic at Cleveland Clinic by Dr. Fouad-Tarazi but was then sent back to the neurologist who referred me. I don't like him and am looking for a new Dr. to manage my POTS and POH. Anyone know anyone in the Cleveland Clinic system? I also have ulcerative colitis, osteoarthritis, sinus allergies and am sensitive to many meds. RobinBZ

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robin -

you may want to check out this post from earlier this spring. i wrote quite a bit about my neuro/ autonomic specialist at cleveland clinic.

hope this helps,

B) melissa

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