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I Stopped Metoprolol With Out Weaning

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I've been going back and forth with my doctor since Friday and I told here to px me inderal. Everyday I call and she says she's sending it over...............and never does. Well I left a final message stating that I'm stopping Metoprolol due to severe depression and it their are any concerns to call me. Well she didn't call so I assume I can just stop taking it. I was only on it for 2 months.

I feel my hr going fast and am more nauseated but other than that I seem okay. Even in alittle better spirits. So I've already missed 2 days of it.

Anyone just stop betas without weaning?

I really feel betas were helping with migaines and nausea because my hr was slower but it's not worth feeling suicial over. I'd rather be sick and rational than feeling better and unable to smile or have hope.

Does anyone know of a Beta that does not have depression as a side effect? I finally found something that helps with sx so I feel I should try another one.

I just did alot of research on inderal and it showed their was some massive depressive reactions to this med (propatonolol) so I probally shouldn't go that route either.

Any suggestions would be helpful................thanks to maggie for all your help re: bb


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Hi Dayna,

Please be careful! You might be better off cutting back on the amount over the next two weeks... please check with your doctor. I know my mom ended up having a heart attack when she discontinued her beta blocker, but she had been on them for a longer time, so you really have to be cautious with that.

Good luck with it all

God bless,


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I think we need to be careful about giving other people medical advice because it is often NOT dangerous to go off BB's cold turkey and it really has to be based on each individuals situation.

You should be fine but certainly let your Dr know. Metoprolol is a short acting beta blocker and with the short time period you were on it there isn't likely to be much of a buildup in your system so as long as your problem has been tachycardia with a normal sinus rhythm you should be okay but you may indeed feel more uncomfortable for a while. Sounds like your Dr is unresponsive though so I would suggest you look at getting a second opinion at least and also talking to the pharmacist.

BB's have a rebound effect when coming off of them so it may make your tachycardia worse temporarily. Generally, the longer you've been on a particular BB the longer the rebound effect.

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Guest dionna

for myself... the doctors at the hospital took me off of inderal cold turkey. i felt much better. but that is just me. that was when they put me on midodrine. i am infamous for self medicating though. perhaps not the best idea to do... but i usaully feel better everytime... so i can't say wether it is okay or not.

dionna :)

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Well I was on the lowest dose to begin with 25mg. So I'm not too worried because I haven't been on that long. Almost 2 months. If I was at a higher dose I would Definitely wean down but I have nothing to wean down from.

I'll take 1/2 dose for 2 days than 1/2 of a 1/2 for 2 days than stop. That way I don't have to worry about heart attcks or anything like that.

But either ways I don't think my doctors thinks it's a problem because I am on such a low dose.

Thanks for all your imput!!!

Good Night


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me again :)

it is dangerous ---just to stop---so i've read..........!!!!!!

when i came off metaprolol....[the wicked one....!].......i waited 24 hours.....and then started my low dose of inderal[5mg].....as i wrote u--my personal regiment....with it===low doses...thruout day.

hate to say this, but not really....... :) >>>>>>I THINK YOU NEED A NEW DOC!!!!....think u already know that......yuppppp!

on the inderal.....if i can function...i don't get depressed----my own feeling/experience.

but think cuz i do the low dose thruout the 24 hours....yada....

....AND----I DON'T HAVE THE EERIE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, WE DISCUSSED as with metaprolol[lopressor]....omg!!!!!

so, lay low.....until u get another BB......and then try new one with a low dose....

*****like dizzy and others stated>>>>>----can be VERY DANGEROUS....JUST TO QUIT THEM!!!!

......SO I'VE READ.....anyways.....

let me know whats happening,hun.....

am concerned.....

call me if you want to.....

and if you happ to get inderal....get the 10mg pill.....not the extended release---which i think is 60mg/pill [no wayyyy-for me......lol!]

i be on the run next few days....but will get your messages...if u write or call.

do whatever u got to do....to get your bod.....to a safe place....plzzzzzz



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Everyone is different. I thinks some of the major concerns would be if one was taking it for high b/p, heart problems or with a history of heart disease that the heart may not be able to take the sudden withdrawal and the sudden burden of not having the BB help.

For most others though who take it for palpitations, fast but normal heart rate I think the concerns is rebound tachycardia but with only 2 months I don't think that would be a big change though. Just my opinion and from what I have heard from my Dr. They told me if you are on it for years they advise to gradually wean off to let your body get used to the adjustment gradually.

I stopped my p.m. dose of my bb due to my heartrate being low before I even took the night dose and the dose would then drop it even further making me feel uncomfortable. I had a little tachy but then it was o.k. and I had been on it for years.

Hopefully you will hear back from you Dr. Good luck.

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Guest sonotech

My cardiologist took me off SEVERAL BB's without weaning. One of them was Toprol XL (took for 1 yr, 50mg 2xday) ,and labetalol (only on for a few weeks).

I was told that it is dangerous to discontinue meds "cold turkey" if you are taking them for HIGH BP because it can cause "rebound" high BP spikes that can be dangerous. So with me having LOW BP it wasn't a problem.

I agree that you should find out what is safe for YOU, but definately don't get "freaked out" about having a heart attack since I am sure you probably aren't at risk for that unless you tend to have HIGH BP.

If you can't get answers from your doctor or his nurse, then I would call your PHARMACIST...they can be quite helpful.

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The advice to get another professional opinion is wise.

I have been gradually weaning off metoprolol, but each dose reduction has caused major pounding for a while. The pounding didn't start for the first two days, but then kicked in, like there was still some in my system and finally my body realized it had to readjust.

When I got to 25 twice a day, the doc said to just quit and that caused some perfect days and some nightmare days, so I went back on 25 a day just to continue down more slowly. Slow and steady wins, at least for me.

I wasn't on it that long (18 months), but then I am old and things don't adjust as easily.

I hope you find something which doesn't cause depression.


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I hope all works well for you.

I was taken off Propanolol cold turkey..it was making me worse.:)

I was on Toprol XL for a few months and it helped migraines but my blood pressure was gettting too low. I didn't notice any other side affects.

Good luck and I hope you find something that will help. ((HUGS))


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As far as depression being an issue, that may have faded over time. I know for me, I was depressed on Inderal, so I stopped it due to that and other reasons after a few weeks. With Pindolol, I was both angry and depressed, but I remained on it for 18 months, and those symptoms faded after only about a month on that drug, so I'm glad I hung in there and gave it a chance. Atenolol caused no mood changes at all, and Toprol XL, which I'm talking now, hasn't really affected my mood either. I've heard you can also balance out those moods BBs cause by adding a low dose SSRI, though that I've never tried.

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Metoprolol at 25 mg is fine to stop without weaning. My cardiologist said even a dose of 50 mg is OK to stop at any time for tachycardia. It's the BP issue that is most important, or if you have heart disease. Obviously, check again with your doctor, but this should be fine and you should not be in danger.


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Good to check with your doctor on this. I would not be too worried since your dose was very low and you do not have a heart condition.

I have stopped and started with my very low dose beta blocker. My doctor says I can take it on an as-needed basis.

I did notice a mood side-effect early on when I took it regularly, but that wore off after a couple weeks or so. And anyway I am not sure whether it was the bb or the SSRI or the fact I was weaning my daughter that caused the feelings of sadness/moodiness.

Take care


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The sudden absence of the chemicals in drugs such as Metropolol and other BP drugs on the market, can be very dangerous. And should be done only at the advice of your doctor imo. They will safely lower the dosage, minimizing the potential and very harmful side effects. These may include, but are not limited to, Intense Anxiety,  Trouble Sleeping, Brain Fog. Rapid Heart Rate, Angina, Suicidal Thoughts, and Depression. And in some cases shown, Hallucinations can be a factor. While Hallucinations may only effect a small portion of those taking these drugs. It's important to recognize that this is a very serious side effect of the sudden stopping of Metropolol, and other similar BP medications. These medicines controls blood flow and oxygen to the heart and brain. Interfering with what your body is requiring, can put your body into a type of shock, that can last for as long as a month or longer. Always talk to your doctor, before considering stopping Metropolol.


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On my second year taking Metoprolol 25mg. My feet and ankles are swollen (lasix is not working anymore), I am awake all night long, I gained weight, I have anxiety and chest pain. I want to stop taking it right now. I feel like the side effects are awful. Oh, and I am bloated, weak, and constipated. This is a nightmare. 

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