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Guest dionna

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Guest dionna

well... my trip had great company but my body was miserable the entire time. it was that time of the month again, i had a bladder infection, subsequent yeast infection from the antibiodics, and my favorite... migraines and many fainting spells.

flying.... okay if you are going to be flying they will give you as much water as you need on the flight, when you are waiting to get on the flight you can purchase a water or beverage while waiting but may not carry it on the flight. and of course no liquid or gels past security except with prescription. (i was given a jelly to numb me by my doctor because i gave myself some bad sores. i have a black eye from passing out a few days ago and other places are bruised and cut---- so point being i was able to take that on)

i fainted 3 times today with my flying. i went from DCA to DTW first to catch a connecting flight to CLT. at DTW i fainted after going to the restroom. then i was taken in a wheel chair to the plane to board and i was upgraded to first class! i drank a lot of water, 4 or 5 packs of the pretzels, 2 packs of the mixed nuts, and the flight attendant sat right by me. i started shaking a lot and i was afraid i might have a seizure or something so i went a head and used the lavatory so i would urinate myself. well... right after i came out of the lavatory i fainted... yeap up in the air. so the flight attendant picked me up and put me back in my seat. then.... when i got off i i had the wheel chair but the guy didnt realize my problem and told me i had to walk about 50 or so feet to get to the baggage claim area. i told him i might faint as i was standing up and then i did. i didnt even get all the way vertical. so my mom was there to pick me up from the air[ort and she over heard someone say that a girl had just fallen out and she knew right away that it was me. she charged through the security. that was a real show. i kept telling them it was okay she was my mom. i thought they were going to tackle her or something. it will be a funny story to tell tomorrow.

so... flying... awesome experience! hey the first class was nice though. i am just really glad they let me fly... sometimes they don't. well anyway i just wanted to let you all know how it was for me and to let you know about the hydrating factor.

oh yeah... on my first flight though... i told the flight attendants about my problem and that sometimes i faint on flights. i asked the one that was passing out drinks if i could have extra water because i faint sometimes and you know what he told me? "yeah i have heard that one before and i'm not falling for it again. last time 2 business people told me that so i gave them the entire bottle and they just put them in there bags and never even drank them." i was upset but too tired to fight it. i get that stuff a lot. i look perfectly healthy so they all assume i am.

okay that is long enough.

dionna :D

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glad you're back in (mostly) one piece :) sorry about your experience with flying...i'm glad some people were nice to you and helped to look out for you. and the flight attendent who thought he was like the God of Water of whatever needs to get over himself.....i mean, what's he got to lose? will the airlines really take a huge loss with providing water to their patrons? (whether it's drunk on board or not?)

hope you feel better!!

:) lulu

ps i'm also glad to know about the water situation on flights.....i have to fly to portland in a month or so. thanks for letting us know!

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