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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?? Lol


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Okay, I know that this is going to sound super stupid, but....here goes.

I've had,what I thought was a "simple" cold for about 10 days now. You should know that I AM predisposed to getting Pneumonia, first of all. Okay, having said that, I started with a very deep cough night before last. It wasn't too bothersome---at first. Now, I'm coughing so hard and so deeply that I really feel like I'm tearing my throat open. Well, lo and behold, when I coughed last time, I did cough up a small amount of greenish (sorry so gross) phlem with an even smaller amount of blood in it.

As of getting up this morning, I'm dripping with sweat, even though I don't seem to have a fever (maybe I do, who knows....but, I get fevers often for no apparent reason!) I am shaking like crazy. Weak as a kitten, super sensitive to light (which IS normal, but, I'm not usually THIS sensitive to it), super sonic ears today (more than normal), I'm also getting my olfactory hallucinations with a vengance. I kinda feel like I'm going to have a seizure, but, not quite. I just feel odd, overall, unwell. I also have (this is super gross, sorry, y'all!) a lot of rectal pressure. Almost like I'm trying to poop without actually trying to poop (Oh God, did that make any sense??)

Anyway, do I go into the doc or not? He's all the way across town....like 65 miles away. I'd have to drive myself (of course) and then I'd need to be back here in less than 4 hours to get my kids from the bus. What can I take, here at home, that might help??

Please, I need to feel better. I truly, really, want to curl up and die!


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Well, first please don't drive across town when you are feeling so poorly. Do you have a good rapport with your doctor? If so, it is possible that you could call and speak with his nurse and see if he could call in an antibiotic for you. With greenish discharge, you probably have an infection so an antibiotic would not be unreasonable. See if they would be willing to treat you over the phone until you are "well enough" to go to the doctor. Good luck!


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Hi to all!!!

I ended up calling my doctor and got a script for cough syrup with Codeine in it. Since, the coughing was my major complaint, that's what "we" treated.

I'm okay, I suppose. Although, I think that I've started passing my first ever kidney stone. OUCH!!! If it's not one thing it's another.

I'm going to go lay down and die now............LOL. (not really, but, I am going to get drink some hot tea and lay down on a heating pad!!)

Thank you all for your concern and ideas and well wishes, etc. I really appreciated them, very much!!


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OUCH!!! i hope you are not having a stone...they are no fun!! :):) (i've had 15, no joke!) do try drink plenty of liquids and try to move about if you can (it's agony, but it helps, really!) and if the pain gets bad, by all means go to doc and get meds/testing....the pain is enough to knock you out, plus you can sometimes get infections and have other related issues with kidney stones, which have at least always made my POTS/NCS worse.

oh, i hope you are not having one---i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! (ok, well, maybe this one.... :) just kidding) keep us posted on your progress...i hope you feel better soon!!! :huh:


lulu :angry:

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