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Sonotech In Hospital


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Hi all, I got permission from sonotech to let her friends know she is in ICU and very ill.

This is not ans related, but I'm pretty dang sure it doesn't help! She has a chest tube as she has a fluid build up in her chest they can't keep off. She is very immune suppressed right now.

She is not up to posting, but could really use some good thoughts and prayers sent her way for her and her family.

She is in a great deal of pain and sleeps quite a bit, but does really enjoy getting email and or pm's from people. She is not able to respond much, so know you will understand......thanks, morgan

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Thank you for posting on her behalf--especially given all that YOU are going through yourself right now. I have been so worried about you and am sorry I haven't gotten to posting that to you.

You are a good friend to post for her....

And know that prayers are with both you and her and your families.

Do they know what is causing all this?? I do not know her very well, as I am not on the board very much....but wanted her to know she is in my thoughts.

Thank you for posting, and if you are able, please keep us updated.

Thank you my dear morgan!


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Thinking of you sonotech and keeping you close to my heart.

You rest as much as you can , that is the only way you will beat it, I had a collapsed lung and fluid around my heart and in my chest many years ago ................ :(

But I'm still annoying people like mad , so rest well my friend , love, hugs and in my thoughts Willows. :)

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