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Dr Released Me To Go Back To Work


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Had appt yesterday with my Neuro @ CCF. She examined me and reviewed my medications. We are adding 1/2 tab of Lopressor in the afternoon to even out HR and hopefully keep afternoon headache away. I will be returning to work on Monday for 4 hours per day. I plan to go in at 10:00 am work until noon take my hour break for lunch and then work from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. I will then be able to get home and rest a short while before getting dinner ready.

I am excited to return to work!!! I am keeping a very positive attitude that everything will go well. My Dr thinks I just need to ease back into it slowly don't rush it and overdue.

I want to thank everyone on the forum for sharing information with me. Through you knowledge I have been able to better understand and control this condition and gain my life back. I only hope I will be able to help others here they way I have been helped.

The most important thing is to stay positive and don't give up hope.

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Congratulations on being able to return to work! It sounds like your neuro is really considering your needs so that in itself warrants a congratulations, as well! I hope it all works out for you. My kids are back in school and I am really starting to miss working. Good for you!


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