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Please Help Me!!


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:( Hey about two weeks ago I started to come out of a four year remission.... now I'm tired having the small attacks you know.. panic! My doc is very sick right now himself. He deals in POTS...although he can't see me he sent me, to one of his colleagues who deal in POTS to. I go Sept 22nd . Can anyone please tell me how and what they go through when they have their symptons from a set back. any tips on what to do to feel better/


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well i was starting at the small panic attacks early in the morning....I knew something was wrong..I only get them once or twice every 6 mos. this went on 4 a week...then the hospital visit for the heart and blood p up. Then weakness.shakiness....then tired but not being able to sleep.Today I did start feeling somewhat better.. I made myself get up and move a little around. I'd start off in my pool just floating around..then in the shower to feel better getting clean... Id take one ativan then just relax....I felt that if I'd do some small thing I'd get a little better feeling. Although it may be a small set back I'm still keeping my appointment with my doc.

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Definitely keep the appt with the doctor. Things could be changing for you--but maybe not. So hard to know with this condition--ups and downs are typical.

Are you keeping up with fluids--especially in the AM? Salt? Compression hose? Mild exercise? Reducing sugar intake? These are typical adjustments that can help POTS patients.

If these things don't help enough, there are medications that may help.


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